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Hancock Center for Youth & Family Ministry

About Us

The John Hancock Center for Youth and Family Ministry, located on the campus of La Sierra University, is a research and resource center providing support to youth ministry professionals, and parents worldwide. The Hancock Center was established in direct response to recommendations from the Valuegenesis research taskforce.

Following the comprehensive Valuegenesis inquiry into the formation of faith, values and commitment among Adventist youth, the Project Affirmation Taskforces formulated clear recommendations for immediate planned change. They called their recommendations "Imperatives for Action." These visions of a more effective church included an unprecedented call for the establishment of youth ministry centers to support and expand the educational efforts of the union and local conference youth ministry leadership. The recommendations concluded with this clear call: "In response to the need to renew professional and volunteer youth ministry, we recommend that youth ministry resource and research centers be established."

On May 23, 1991 the La Sierra University Board of Trustees voted the establishment of the center as an official university entity and approved the commencement of both fund-raising and educational activities. The John H. Hancock Center for Youth Ministry had come into being.

To provide national leadership and resources to aid those working with Adventist youth and young adults in better understanding them, and the effects of the home, church, and school on their faith maturity, and values development.

To provide statistical based resources and training to parents, pastors, and educators as they help youth and young adults to develop a high level of mature faith, and solid core values

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