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Stahl Center

Peru Tour Overview


  • The Stahl Center at La Sierra University
  • Following in the footsteps of Fernando and Ana Stahl


  • Dr. Charles Teel, Jr. / Professor of Religion and Society, La Sierra University (since 1967)


  • Subsidized student rates
  • Financial aid for qualifying students
  • Regularly scheduled airlines
  • Daily meals as indicated
  • Tourist class hotels with private baths


  • Cruising the Amazon
  • Sailing Lake Titicaca
  • Visiting the "floating islands"
  • Celebrating Cusco
  • Experiencing Machu Picchu
  • Viewing Lima museums
  • Visiting Colegio Fernando Stahl
  • Touring Clinica Ana Stahl
  • Flying over the Nazca Lines*
  • Cruising the Ballestas Islands*
  • Sighting tens of thousands of sea birds*
  • Sighting thousands of seals & sea lions*
  • Dining over the Pacific surf*
  • *April 1-4 tour extension: Nazca Lines, Ballestas Cruise, Las Dunas Resort


  • Gustavo Gutierrez, Theology, San Marcos University
  • Douglas Havens, Development, ADRA/Peru Director
  • Jose Tamayo, History, Peru National Library Director
  • David Tejada, Public Health, Peru Minister of Health


  • The Judeo-Christian themes for social ethics
  • The Advent movement from "closed door" to "world"
  • The unity and diversity of golbal Adventism
  • The shared worship ties that bind across cultures
  • The syncretism in Andean religious and cultural life
  • The motivation fostered by myth, ritual, and symbol
  • The interplay of sacred & secular in Inca cosmology
  • The social transformation initiated by the Stahl presence
  • The incarnation of gospel in hearts and in structures
  • The role of religion as progressive and/or repressive
  • The realities of syncretism in culture contact

TOUR GUIDEBOOKS - well researched & lavishly illustrated

  • Eyesitness Travel: Peru
  • Insight Guides: Peru
  • LSU Peru Tour Course Reader

TOUR STUDY COURSE - Students consult advisor re which Univ Studies course

  • RELE 447 Religion & Society (University Studies elective)
  • RELE 205 Biblical Ethics & Modern World (University Studies elective)
  • RLGN 304 Adventism in Global Perspective (University Studies elective)


La Sierra University Stahl Center / 4500 Riverwalk Parkway / Riverside, CA / 92515

www.lasierra.edu/doperu (La Sierra University Website & Peru Tour Brochure)

Office phone: 951-785-2041 / Email: cmteel@aol.com (subject: "Peru Tour")