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Alumni Relations

Senior Class 2013

Dear Class of 2013,

Every year, La Sierra University’s graduating Senior Class raises money to contribute to the university via class gift. This tradition unites seniors in honoring the opportunities we have been given while at La Sierra University and unites us in building a legacy that will benefit those who will follow us.

The Senior Class Gift is your opportunity to give back to La Sierra University. This is your chance to express your appreciation for La Sierra University while continuing the important part of the university’s mission to serve others by contributing to the good of our local and global community.

The 2013 Senior Class Gift is currently still being decided as we hear more suggestions from all of you. We have heard many great suggestions and will be deciding on a class gift very soon.

Check back often to find out how you can contribute to your Senior Class Gift and stay updated about upcoming senior events! We are looking forward to celebrating with all of you throughout our final year.

2013 Senior Class Officers


  • Joshua Walker
  • jwal087@lasierra.edu

Vice President

  • Chase Matamoroz
  • cmat181@lasierra.edu


  • Alexis Sadakane
  • arsadakane@gmail.com


  • John Yousry
  • jyou519@lasierra.edu

Religious Vice President

  • Kate Case
  • katepcase@yahoo.com

Social Vice President

  • Rebecca “Rebby” Kern
  • rebby.kern@gmail.com


  • Rebecca “Elena” Velasco
  • mysweets27@hotmail.com


  • Kendall Trood
  • Kendall.Trood@gmail.com


  • Eugene Joseph
  • ejoseph@lasierra.edu
  • Office: 951-785-2524


  • Lee Grismer
  • lgrismer@lasierra.edu
  • Office: 951-785-2345


  • Jere Fox
  • jfox@lasierra.edu

Alumni Director

  • Julie Narducci
  • jnarducci@lasierra.edu
  • Office: 951-785-2578


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951-785-2578 Director
951-785-2374 Assistant Director
951-785-2374 Alumni Center Coordinator


951-785-2426 Director
951-785-2478 Alumni Center



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