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Career Counseling

Students are often confused and uncertain about which careers or majors to pursue. What surprises many students is that being undecided can actually be a blessing because it forces students to step out, explore, and take advantage of the opportunities that surround you during your college years.

Career counseling may aid your vocational journey through self-exploration, support, and learning about the world of work. There are many activities and areas to explore in career counseling. Some students spend time exploring their family expectations and cultural considerations.

Others look for support in finding out about careers through informational interviews and research. A few choose to utilize more creative approaches such as guided imagery and writing stories to tap into their transferable skills. Most choose to take career assessments and to explore their strengths, interests, and/or personality.

For those who have graduated or are graduating soon, Resume Builder assists you to create an effective and professional resume by providing expert tips, writing examples, and helpful suggestions. The software also comes with a cover letter builder, thank you letter builder, and more.

For all students registering for the first time or returning students logging in, visit the free resume builder now and sign in with your university issued email address (@my.lasierra.edu, or @lasierra.edu).

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