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Division of Student Life

IGNITE Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to a wonderful adventure as you begin your freshmen year of college! The faculty and staff of La Sierra University welcome you to campus and your orientation activities. We are so pleased to have you and have been working hard to insure that your college experience is terrific. Thanks for choosing La Sierra University!

IGNITE*2014 will be held on the campus of La Sierra University. It is required for ALL freshmen students.

Here is what your peers say!

Fun, loved meeting new friends, my family group rocks! Great way to start school, loved meeting the faculty, iServe changed me, go Golden Eagles! Pastor Sam is hilarious, crazy games, live on campus, love the gifts, yes Hello Walk, get here early!

September 24-26

(the freshman experience of your life)

Dorm Wars: Exclusive party and for all IGNITE students September 25, 2014

We strongly encourage you register early if possible.

Ignite is very important and actually begins your academic career. By the end of the orientation, you will know some of the faculty, be able to navigate your way around the campus, and know members of your class. In addition, there will be planned activities that will help you prepare yourself for a successful school year.

Follow this link to a campus map. Following registration, there will be an activity.


  1. Am I required to Attend?
    Yes, you are required to attend and are charged a non-refundable orientation fee.
  2. Do I have to stay in the residence hall even if I am a commuter student?
    Yes, everyone is required to stay in the residence hall. If you will be living in the residence hall for the school year, that’s great. If you will be commuting to school you will be given a room and roommate to stay during orientation.
  3. What do I need to bring?
    Casual clothing for free time activities, comfortable clothing for meetings, modest swim wear, sleeping bag or bedding, towel and washcloth, and personal care items.
  4. I have to coach a football team or lead out in Pathfinders, may I leave campus during orientation to do this?
    Sorry, but “no.” This orientation is an important time for all freshmen and you will be required to stay on campus. Please make arrangements to have any outside activities covered.
  5. My parents want to come and see me during this time will they able to come?
    Please let your parents know that you are required to be with your classmates and there will not be time for you to go off campus with them.
  6. May I leave to go to a doctor's appointment?
    No, please schedule all appointments before or after Ignite.
  7. My friends want to take me out to eat during orientation, may I go with them?
    The purpose of orientation is to make new friends in your class. This requires that you stay on campus.
  8. May I leave campus during the day to get some fast food during orientation?
    No, you will need to eat with your classmates on campus.
  9. What if I get sick during orientation?
    We have a Health Services staffed with medical professionals and have 24 hour coverage. Your health needs will be met.
  10. Will we be sitting in meetings all day?
    That would be really boring so activities have been planned to get us all moving and have some fun. Entertainment is being planned for evenings and we think you will enjoy the total program.
  11. Do I have to bring money for food?
    No your orientation fee pays for it and we will eat in the cafeteria here on campus.
  12. Who do I talk to if I absolutely can't attend the orientation?
    If you feel that there is absolutely no way you can attend, you will need to contact, Yami Bazan, Vice President for Student Life at ybazan@lasierra.edu. Please know that the orientation fee is non-refundable and you will also be required to complete an orientation assignment.
  13. When is the earliest I can come for orientation?
    Everyone is required to check in on Wednesday, September 24 at 8 am.
  14. Who can I call for more information?
    Call the office of Student Life at (951) 785-2100. Anyone in our office can help you.
  15. What about registration?
    IGNITE registration will begin with moving into the dorms on Wednesday, September 24. Check in times is 8am.

Missing anything? If you need more information about Ignite and you can't find it here, please let us know. We are here to help you!! Contact us.

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