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Enrollment Services

Financial Aid Estimate

First Time Freshmen/Transfer Students should meet a Enrollment Counselor to receive a financial aid estimate. The enrollment counselor will provide you with a preliminary estimate of the financial aid awards that they may receive.


Residential Life

RESIDENCE HALLS: If you are under 22 and not living with a parent or legal guardian, you are required to live in the Residence Hall. You must also complete the meal contract at the Residence Hall.
If you are 22 or older you may apply for university housing by calling (951) 785-2511.
MEAL PLAN: Dining at the Commons. Students will sign a meal contract when they move into the residence hall. Non-residence hall students may purchase meal blocks at the Bursar's office (951) 785-2152.

Fill out the Dorm Form ASAP to ensure a room for the school year.

Be aware that the $100 room dorm deposit is required before a room can be reserved.

To make your room deposit payment, please either contact:

  • Our Cashiers Office at (951) 785-2152 (to pay with Credit Card)
  • Or send your check/money order with your LSU ID # to:

          Director of Residential Life
          La Sierra University
          4500 Riverwalk Pkwy
          Riverside, CA 92515

Checking in

Residence Halls




Health Record

All students are required to have a current health physical (within one year) and up-to-date immunizations.

The Health Record and Physical Examination must be completed and submitted to La Sierra University Health Services before attending classes.

Call Health Services at (951) 785-2200 if you have any questions.


  • Turn in the required form (physicals and immunizations) to Health Services. 
  • Schedule an appointment with Health Services for a physical. A $75 fee for the health physical and an additional immunization fee will be charged to the student account.

Students are not permitted to attend classes without meeting the health requirement.

Health Record Form

Both sides of the form must be completed and submitted to LSU Health Services before enrollment.


Register for Classes

LSU students may register on the WEB if the following conditions exist:

  1. Student is admitted to La Sierra University (ID and web PIN received with acceptance letter)
  2. Clear all HOLDS
  3. Received advisor approval of class schedule, and Registration PIN for the quarter term.
  4. Go online to register, confirm and reserve your classes.

Registration Dates

The Procedure for WEB registration is as follows:

  1. Click Sign On
  2. Login: ID # and 6 digit Web PIN (Birth Month [2 digits] + Day of Birth [2 digits] + last two digits of Birth Year).
    (i.e., if your birth date is February 10, 1980 your PIN is 021080)
  3. Click on Students then click Register for Classes Click Select Term or Add/Drop classes.
  4. Click Submit Term, then enter your 5-digit Registration PIN (received from your advisor).
  5. Enter the CRN numbers for your desired classes then click Submit Changes button.
  6. Click on Menu.
  7. Click Student Schedule by Day & Time and/or Student Detail Schedule to view your schedule, verify all courses, units, sections, days and times. If you have variable unit courses (e.g. 2-4 units) click on Change Class Options to select approved number of units.
  8. Now you MUST confirm registration to retain your reserved classes. Click Confirmation of Registration and follow instructions.
    • Click CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION to confirm your reserved classes. Complete the three questions and click the CONFIRM button. Failure to confirm by midnight of the day you reserve your classes will result in your being withdrawn from classes.
    • Late Registration begins on the first day of classes at 12:00 a.m. Confirmation of Registration must be received by Student Financial Services on the same day or your classes will be dropped.

If you have any question about the registration process please contact:
Office of the Registrar
Administration Bldg. Room 122
Phone (951) 785-2006


Confirm your Registration

Online Database

    1. Click CONFIRMATION REGISTRATION to confirm your reserved classes. Complete the three questions and click the CONFIRM button. Failure to confirm by midnight of the day you reserve your classes will result in your being withdrawn from classes.
    2. Late Registration begins on the first day of classes at 12:00 a.m. Confirmation of Registration must be received by Student Financial Services on the same day or your classes will be dropped.
    1. Make payment arrangements with Student Financial Services: Administration Building, Room 101. Phone: (951) 785-2175.
    2. Failure to maintain your account status will result in a HOLD that will not allow you to register for the next term.
    3. You are responsible for the accuracy of your registration.
    4. Confirm registration and pay fees. Fees may be paid by cash, check, or major credit card.
    5. All students must complete the Confirmation of Registration by midnight of the day classes are reserved or they will be withdrawn from classes.
    6. Students whose expected aid will not pay all of their University charges will need to commit to a payment plan, and make their payment(s) by the first of the month.
    7. To pay by phone with a major credit card, please call (951) 785-2152 and provide your credit card number, expiration date of the card, with an ID or Social Security number.
    8. To pay by check mail it to the Bursar Office, 4500 Riverwalk Parkway, Riverside, CA 92515. To avoid late charges, please mail on time to be received in the Bursar Office before the payment deadline.
    9. To pay in person, assistance will be given by a cashier in the Bursar Office.
    10. Bills for tuition and fees will be mailed to current students only. You may call the Bursar Office at (951) 785-2152 for additional information.


Registration Holds

Registration holds prevent students from registering. Therefore, all holds must be removed before you can register for classes. You can check for registration holds by accessing your Self-Service Account, clicking on "Students," "Student Records," and "View Holds."

To clear holds or for questions about specific holds on your account, you may contact the following departments:

  • Admissions & Records
    Administration Building (lower level)
    (951) 785-2006 or (951) 785-2477 (fax)
  • Student Financial Services
    Administration Building # 101
    (951) 785-2175 or (951) 785-2942 (fax)
  • Qualifying(if applicable: Students required to take placement exams have this hold.)
    University Studies Office
    Administration Building # 203
    (951) 785-2499
  • Health Services
    Convenience Center - Suite A
    (951) 785-2200 or (951) 785-2263 (fax)


Financial Arrangements

All Students must make payment arrangements for your account by:

  • Phone or Fax
  • Email
  • Appointment or Walk-in

Student Financial Services
Administration Bldg., Room 101
Phone: (951) 785-2175
Fax: (951) 785-2942


Bursar Office

Pay tuition and fees according to payment arrangements.

The types of payment available are:

  • Cash,
  • Check,
  • Major Credit Card,
  • Payment plan.

You can pay at Cashier's Office or online.

Administration Bldg., Room 107
(951) 785-2152


ID Card

LSU student Identification Card. Have your ID card made at the Student Life office anytime after you have registered. The ID Card will allow you to access many activities and services on campus. Students may also use their ID for meals at the Commons and Eagle's Nest. A brochure explaining all features is provided in the orientation pack or you may request a copy at the Student Life office.

Student Life Office
Administration Bldg., Room 202
(951) 785-2100


Parking Permit

All students (including part-time) who intend to park a motor vehicle on the main campus are required to obtain a parking permit. PARKING PERMITS MUST BE PROPERLY DISPLAYED. Parking permit fees are included in tuition for full-time students. 

Obtain your parking permit by visiting the Department of Security found inside Calkins Hall. You will be asked to present proof of insurance. For questions, call (951) 785-2222.

Parking Guide: La Sierra's parking regulations


Spiritual Life

The Spiritual Life office is located in La Sierra Hall, Room 204, across from the School of Religion. We are open from 9am to 5pm. We're here to fill your spiritual and friendly needs! Feel free to come by anytime, even if it's just to say Hi!



You can purchase your books at LSU bookstore.

Textbook search.

Your La Sierra University Bookstore Store Manager is Jessica Figueroa
Phone:  (951) 785-2196
Fax: (951) 785-2986
Email: lasierra@bkstr.com

Store Location
Commons Building
4500 Riverwalk Parkway
Riverside,  CA  92505-3344


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