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Enrollment Services

Financial Aid

Any interested students:

  1. Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)** yearly online at: www.fafsa.ed.gov.**Beginning January 1 of the previous school year.
  2. Receive and check your Student Aid Report (SAR) for accuracy. for corrections assistance call Student Financial Services Office.
  3. If needed, provide verification worksheets, parent's and student's IRS forms 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ to the Student Financial Services Office.
  4. Receive and review financial aid award letter from the Student Financial Services Office.
  5. If receiving a Perkins loan, sign and return promissory note with borrower's information sheet to the Bursar's Office.
  6. If awarded Federal Work-Study or an Academic Performance Scholarship, check the job advertisements on the board in front of the Human Resource Office.
  7. New Stafford loan borrower at LSU, must complete the Entrance Interview loan counseling form and Master Promissory Note either online at www.lasierra.edu/sfs or at the Student Financial Services office.
  8. If parents are borrowing a PLUS Loan they must complete a Parent Authorization form and the PLUS Promissory Note each year.
  9. Notify the Student Financial Services Office of scholarships, assistant-ships, or other loans you will be receiving.
  10. If you have any questions or need to ensure enrollment on the first day of classes, contact a Student Financial Services counselor.
  11. You must attend classes regularly and meet the requirements of the Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy to receive financial aid.
  12. Scholarships: Review LSU scholarships Scholarship applications available at the Student Financial Services office.


SDA Membership Award

Students who are members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church will receive a tuition discount as follows:

  • Quarter Time: None
  • Half Time: $205 (Quarter) / $615 (Annual)
  • Three Quarter Time: $308 (Quarter) /  $924 (Annual)
  • Full Time: $410 (Quarter) /  $1230 (Annual)

This award does not apply to reduced-tuition programs such as ACCESS and ESL, nor to off-campus cohort programs. This award may apply to non-SDA students who graduate from an SDA academy.


Payment-in-Advance Discounts

There are two discounts available to students who pay their balance up-front. These discounts are calculated on charges less all aid (including loans).

  • A 7% discount is available to students who pay the year-in-advance at Fall quarter registration. This discount is pro-rated over all three terms in the regular school year.

  • A 2% discount is available to students who pay the quarter-in-advance at each term’s registration. This is an annual discount of 6%.

Does not apply to discounted or off-campus programs.


Useful Links

Financial Aid: Further information regarding financial aid.
Grants: Information regarding federal grants, California state grants, La Sierra grants, and external scholarship opportunities.
Loans: Loan Options, Lender list, Counseling, Online applications and more.
Prepare for College: Useful information on financial preparation for college.
Documents & forms: View and print the documents and forms needed to help you through the financial aid process.
Calculators: Plan for your financial future by calculating loan payments and comparing repayment plans.

Cost Sheet: Information regarding academic and residential costs at La Sierra University.

Student Financial Services: Student Financial Services website.


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