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Who qualifies as an international student?

An international applicant is one who is not a United States Citizen or a United States Permanent Resident.

If you are under one of the categories above please follow the guidelines for domestic students.


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Apply for Admission

Select and complete the appropriate application below and submit for processing.

If you have any questions regarding the submission of the online application contact the Office of Admissions directly via email (admissions@lasierra.edu) or telephone-1-800-874-5587 or 951-785-2176.

The online application is transmitted via secure server from your web browser directly to us at La Sierra University. If you feel uncertain about transmitting your information via the internet, please click here to download, fill out, and submit via postal mail, our regular application form. Please note that while there is no processing fee for the electronically submitted online application, there is, however, a $30 USD processing fee if you choose to instead submit a printed application for admission.

  • Undergraduate Application
  • Undergraduate Reapplication


Preferred Application Deadlines

Applications are considered on a rolling basis, however it is highly recommended that the following deadlines be observed:

Summer Quarter

All applications

May 1

Fall Quarter

New Freshman applications
Transfer applications

February 1
July 1

Winter Quarter

All applications

November 15

Spring Quarter

All applications

March 1

  • Application Receipt Date. Applications arriving in Admissions by the stated preferred date will assure a timelier processing of the application materials.
  • Other Application Items. Other required items stated on the application [ie, essay, transcripts, recommendations, etc] should also be submitted as soon as possible.
  • Rolling Admission. A review of the application for acceptance eligibility will be conducted as soon as all items are on file.
  • Financial Aid/Housing. Early acceptance assists in awarding financial aid and reserving a room in the residence hall.


Application Deadlines for International Applicants  

Summer Quarter

May 1

Fall Quarter

June 1*

Winter Quarter

November 15

Spring Quarter

February 15**

All application items, including preI20 items, must be submitted by the deadlines listed above.  Complete files not received by the deadline may result in postponement for the next quarter.

*July 1 if currently in the United States and eligible to engage in full-time studies

**March 1 if currently in the United States and eligible to engage in full-time studies


Admission Requirements

  1. High School Transcript. Applicants who have completed secondary school outside the United States must present high school completion as outlined by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers (AACRAO) guidelines for the particular country.  [Refer to the Admission Profile for your country]

  2. College Transcripts (if applicable). Unofficial transcripts can be used to expedite the admissions process. Official transcripts are required to process requests for financial aid and complete your admissions file. To be considered official, transcripts must be mailed directly to the Admissions Office from each school attended. Transcripts that are hand carried, faxed or sent by students, even if in sealed envelopes, will not be considered official.

  3. Community Standards Form. Please complete this form and return it to the Admissions Office. For paper applications only.

    Community standards form

  4. Personal Statement. Applicants must submit a personal statement of no less than 250 words describing their achievements, academic goals, and why they have chosen La Sierra University for their studies.Email to personal.statement@lasierra.edu.

Questions regarding Admissions should be directed to the Office of Admissions.

Office of Admissions

Phone: (951) 785-2176

Email: admissions@lasierra.edu


Transfer Student

You are a transfer international student If you will be transferring from another university or school in the United States to La Sierra University.


International Student Guide

General information on La Sierra University and the Admission Process. 
Read it online, or download the pdf version.


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