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Academic Performance Scholarship 2009-2010

The LSU Performance Scholarship is a renewable award for students working on their first bachelor’s degree. Entering first-time freshmen will be eligible for up to four years (12 quarters). Transfer students will receive a pro-rated number of quarters based on their class level at the time of initial enrollment. Students may move between award amounts based on changes to EFC or GPA. Award amounts will be determined on an annual basis. Students who are eligible for the National Merit Award will not get both awards; they will get the higher of the two. Not available to off-campus or reduced tuition programs.

**The cumulative GPA at the end of winter quarter of the previous school year, for continuing students; transfer GPA for new students (depending on when student is packaged).  


SDA Membership Award

Students who are members of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church will receive a tuition discount as follows:

  • Quarter Time: None
  • Half Time: $205 (Quarter) / $615 (Annual)
  • Three Quarter Time: $308 (Quarter) /  $924 (Annual)
  • Full Time: $410 (Quarter) /  $1230 (Annual)

This award does not apply to reduced-tuition programs such as ACCESS and ESL, nor to off-campus cohort programs. This award may apply to non-SDA students who graduate from an SDA academy.

Church Matching Scholarship

La Sierra University will match up to $1,000 for contributions from students’ congregations or conference. The contribution check (cash will not be matched) must be accompanied with a signed contract, stating that the funds were processed in accordance with IRS regulations. This scholarship program is available to students who have an unmet need after all other student aid programs have been awarded and may help to reduce the students’ loans. The external funds will pay in the quarter received. The University’s matching portion will pay over three quarters.


Literature Evangelist Scholarship

La Sierra University will give a matching scholarship to students who work  as literature evangelists during the summer prior to their Fall enrollment. The University will match 100% of students’ certified summer earnings that are applied to their Fall term accounts. Literature evangelist earnings made during the school year are entitled to be matched, up to an additional $3,000.


Honors Program

The Honors Department recommends students from the honors program for this award according to the following schedule.

  • First year in Honors Program: $350
  • Second year: $700
  • Third year or fourth year, not doing Honors Scholarship Project: $1050
  • Fourth year doing Honors Scholarship Project: $1400

For further information please visit the Honors Program webpage.


Payment-in-Advance Discounts

There are two discounts available to students who pay their balance up-front. These discounts are calculated on charges less all aid (including loans).

  • A 7% discount is available to students who pay the year-in-advance at Fall quarter registration. This discount is pro-rated over all three terms in the regular school year.
  • A 2% discount is available to students who pay the quarter-in-advance at each term’s registration. This is an annual discount of 6%.

Does not apply to discounted or off-campus programs.


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