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Financial Administration

Priority Guidelines

The purpose of the Service Requests Priority Guidelines is to

  1. Provide a system to prioritize the use of limited staff and financial   resources.
  2. Provide equitable treatment to all customers.
  3. Allow the orderly, timely, and efficient accomplishment of facilities work.

When work is received, it is assigned to one of four priority levels. Within each priority level, work is assigned primarily on a first-in, first-out basis, subject to efficient coordination of work and availability of material. As requests are received, they will be scheduled according to the following priorities:

  1. Emergency: Emergencies will be corrected immediately. Examples are failure in electrical power, a break in a water line, personal safety, etc.
  2. Urgent or Same Day Service: This refers to failures that impair but do not render inoperative and will normally be accomplished within 24 hours. Examples are malfunctioning temperature controls, stopped drains, etc.
  3. One Week Service: This service is considered a higher priority routine work. All routine work is scheduled depending on the availability of the workers and materials involved. Our objective is to complete the request in 5 working days.
  4. Deferred Work: While every attempt is made to accomplish all work in a timely manner, there are times when maintenance must be deferred. The requesting department or individual will be notified of the reasons for the delay. The understanding of the occupants affected in these cases is greatly appreciated.