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Financial Administration

Requesting Service

There are four ways to transmit your maintenance needs to the Facilities Department:


  • Online: From the LSU webpage, click on PP main page, then go to "Maintenance Connection!" to enter the Facilities' Work Request Site.
  • Call: Emergencies only, call ext. 2113.
  • E-mail: Send an email to pplant@lasierra.edu.
  • Requisition: Fill out a requisition, get appropriate signatures and send it to the Facilities Department.


For Questions Regarding Remodeling Operations, Billing, Utilities, Emergencies, Urgent Needs, etc., please contact:

Scott Anderson
(951) 785-2115
(951) 236-7095 
Zoreh Afshar
(951) 785-2114 
(951) 433-9526


Motor Pool Reservation, Emergency work orders

Physical Plant Office
Aaron Hoover
(951) 785-2113
Landscape Services
Rudy Correa
Shawn Klamm

(951) 785-2438


Campus Post Office
Karen Stretter
(951) 785-2261
Custodial Services
Fernando Gutierrez
(951) 785-2069