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International Student Services


In this page, we will post your tax questions and our response. If you have a question that is not posted here, you can email us your tax questions here.


Q.1 What do I need to file my taxes?
You will need your W-2 form from LSU and any other place where you worked during 2008. Usually, your employer will mail you the W-2 during January. You may also need 1099s, and any other document that reflects earnings, both from employment or investment, real estate, etc.

Q.2 When do I need to file my taxes by?
You must file you taxes by April 15, 2009 at mid-night.

Q.3 How do I file my taxes?
Filing your taxes can be difficult; therefore, we recommend that you use the services of a professional to help you with this task. Click here to see a list of available resources to file your taxes.

Q.4 What does it mean to file my taxes?
Click here to read more about filing your taxes.

Q.5 What if I haven't received my W2 form still?
If you worked at LSU, contact the Payroll Office at x2034. If you worked at a different institution, contact their Human Resource or Payroll offices to see if they have mailed it and/or if they have your correct mailing address.

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