Confidential Records

Before releasing directory information, you must check to see if the student has placed a restriction on the release of his/her directory information.  This can be done by checking the student information systems (BANNER), or by contacting the Admissions & Records Office.

In general, a student has the right to access and review his/her education records, subject only to reasonable time, place and manner restrictions.  However, a student does not have the right to see confidential letters of recommendation (those to which the student has waived access to in writing), confidential financial information of parents, those items not defined as education records, and records that contain information on more than one student.  In the last instance, the student may see only those portions of the record that pertain to him/herself.

If there is any doubt about a student’s identity, ask to see some form of identification before granting the student access to the file requested.

  • Last update on  May 09, 2013