Disclosure of Education Records

Student education records may not be disclosed to anyone unless:

  • The student has given written consent, or
  • The request fits one of the legal exceptions.

One exception is the release of “directory information” about a student.  Consent from a student is not generally required for the release of directory information and it may be viewed and released to the public, unless the student has placed an affirmative “restriction” on its release.  Schools must inform students about directory information and allow them a reasonable amount of time to request that no information be disclosed.

The Registrar is charged with defining “directory information” at La Sierra University.  At the present time, La Sierra University defines directory information as the following:

  • Student’s name;
  • Date and place of birth;
  • Local/residence hall address (no dorm room numbers);
  • Local/residence hall telephone number;
  • Official university electronic mail address;
  • Enrollment status;
  • Class standing/classification;
  • Academic program (degree, major, minor);
  • Dates of attendance;
  • Status (full or part time);
  • Degrees received;
  • Residency status;
  • Photographs;
  • Participation in officially recognized activities; and
  • Weight and height of members of athletic teams.

In order to withhold directory information, students must complete a form at the Admissions and Records Office in order to make their file "confidential."  Names of these students will not appear in the student directory, perspectives, or the commencement program unless the student gives specific authorization.

  • Last update on  October 19, 2010