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Residential Life

For detailed information, please refer to the Guide to Residential Life and the Student Handbook.

Is there Internet access in the residence halls?
All rooms have wired and wireless Internet access.

What are the campus living arrangements?

What amenities come with the residence hall?

• Kitchenette
A kitchen area with microwaves, stove, and oven is available for resident use. Remember, this is shared by all residents, so please be considerate and keep the area clean. Cooking utensils are limited.

• Laundry Facilities
All of the residence halls are equipped with coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Ironing boards are furnished, but bring your own iron.

• Mailboxes
All students who live on campus will have a mailbox. The number assigned to you will be your permanent box number for the entire year. Because mail is a federal government service, usage is limited to students who are assigned to that box.

• Refrigerators
You may bring a 3.5 cu. in. or smaller refrigerator.

What should I bring? Remember to check policies for your specific dorm.

  • Bedding (standard twin), mattress pad, towels, toiletries, clothes, hangers, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, roles of quarters, computer, Ethernet cable, surge-protectedpower strip.

Optional: Vacuum
Optional: Dorm-sized refrigerator (all residence halls)
Optional: Microwave (Sierra Towers only)

What shouldn't I bring? Remember to check policies for your specific dorm.

  • Extension cords/Non-surge-protected outlets or strips
  • Rice Cookers/Hot Pots
  • Space Heaters, halogen lamps/Anything that generates heat
  • Weapons, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia of any kind

Should I bring expensive items?

It's up to you. Your belongings will be as safe as you keep them. We recommend: 

  • Lock your door and lock your car.
  • Keep expensive items put away when you're not using them.
  • Keep a record at home of all serial numbers, original receipts (and packaging if possible), and pictures of the items.
  • Make sure the items are covered by your family's homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance. Here's a link to a company that provides supplementary insurance for college students:  http://www.collegestudentinsurance.com/ 

For consumer information on renters insurance and coverage for your personal property, please visit the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) for more information:



How do I check in?

  • BEFORE ARRIVAL:  Pay Room Deposit at Cashier's Window
  • BEFORE ARRIVAL:  Complete Online Residence Hall Application
  • BEFORE ARRIVAL:  Connect with La Sierra and your Res Hall Community through OrgSync.com
  • Complete the Residential License & Room/Board Contract
  • Complete both sides of the Registration Card
  • Complete the Health Services Immunization Form
  • Receive:  Room Key, Mailbox Combination, Room Phone Number
  • Complete the Room Condition Inventory with your RA

* See the Guide to Residential Life for more details.

How do I check out?

  • Make an Appointment with your RA
  • Thoroughly Clean the Room and Un-bunk the Beds (Return Pins)
  • Complete Both Sides of the Room Condition Inventory with your RA
  • RETURN:  Room Key, Forwarding Address Card, Deposit Refund Request

* Failure to properly check out using the above procedures will result in forfeiture of the room deposit.
See the Guide to Residential Life for more details.

Will I have a curfew?

  • Freshmen = 12am midnight
  • Sophomores = 1am
  • Juniors/Seniors = 2am
  • Graduate Students and/or 22+ = no curfew

* See the Guide to Residential Life for more details.

Is the residence hall open during holidays?
Residence halls that will be open or closed during the holidays will be announced at the begining of each academic year. Students who live out-of-state or are international students and cannot leave campus during this time must make prior arrangements with the appropriate Deans before each holiday (charges may apply).

Is there parking at the residence hall?
All of the residence halls have gated parking lots. To park on campus, all cars must first be registered with Security. Click here to register your vehicle(s). Angwin, Calkins, and Sierra Towers parking lot gates may be opened with a student ID card. Please refrain from parking in the visitors' section, red zone, Deans' or RA spaces.

Are laundry services available?
All of the residence halls are equipped with coin-operated washing machines and dryers. Ironing boards are furnished, but bring your own iron.

Are our residence halls/campus secured?

• General Security
The University is committed to maintaining high standards for safety in all areas. Every effort is made to provide adequate security by the University Security Department and the Residential Life Staff, but, when it really gets down to it, a great deal of the responsibility lies upon the residents. Dial Security at x2222 (951-785-2222) immediately if you see suspicious individuals around the residence halls or witness an incident. Then notify your Dean or RA (See "Right to Know", a pamphlet published by University Patrol).

• Keyless Entry Doors
Entry to the residence halls after hours is by ID Card only. Your card is never to be loaned to anyone at any time.

When do I get the key to my room?
Room keys are assigned upon arrival at the residence halls. Your key is security for you and other residents in the halls. Remember to lock your door and carry your key and ID card at all times!

Am I allowed to have guests?
Residents may entertain guests of the opposite sex in the public areas of the halls. Overnight guests of the same sex may stay with you in your room up to three nights per quarter. La Sierra University does not permit opposite sex visitation in residence hall rooms.

Am I allowed to decorate my room?
Keeping the residence hall in the best condition possible is a primary concern. Remember that at the time you check out of your room, all damages will be evaluated and charged against your room deposit. Plan the decorations with your roommate. It is frustrating to a roommate to find the room already arranged and decorated.

• Walls/Posters
Please use 3M poster tabs or hooks only.

Please don't plan to paint your room. Special exceptions may be made with the Dean.  The cost of returning the room to its original condition could be as much as $200.00.

• Furniture
All university-owned room furnishings must stay in the room. You may bring some suplimental furniture of your own as long as you take it with you when you leave.

Can I live Off-Campus?
Unmarried students under the age of 22 are required to live on campus unless they live with their parents. Students may petition to live off campus if they have extenuating financial or personal reasons. The last day to petition to live off campus is the last day to register for classes.
Click here to download the necessary forms and submission instructions.

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