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Financial Clearance Policy and Deadlines

In response to input we have received from many students and their families—requesting that financial expectations be predictable, consistent, and clearly communicated—La Sierra University has updated the financial clearance process and established standard deadlines for payment.

Every student whose balance is not completely covered by financial aid must make a payment of at least one-third of the balance due by the published deadline before each quarter.

There will continue to be three standard payment options available.

Year-in-Advance: Pay the full year’s charges—minus confirmed aid—by the published deadline for Fall and receive a 7% discount. **

Quarter-in-Advance: Pay each quarter’s charges—minus confirmed aid—by the published deadline for that quarter and receive a 2% discount. 

Monthly Payment: Pay in three monthly installments for each quarter, with the first payment due by that quarter’s published deadline.  A $30 fee applies for each quarter that this option is chosen.

**This discount is not available on discounted or off-campus programs, except for the Criminal Justice off-campus program.


To help students select the best payment option, an electronic copy of their invoice for the quarter will be sent to their university email account when they register or change their registration.  The invoice will show the balance due for the current quarter, including any prior balance, and less any confirmed aid. It will show the minimum amount due for financial clearance, which is the first monthly installment amount.

Students are encouraged to register early and to make their financial obligations known to their account payers in a timely manner.  Students who delay their registration until after the published deadline, or who fail to make payment by the published deadline, will be charged a $250 late payment processing fee.

Criminal Justice students must be financially cleared before registration. Please visit our office prior to registration.


The deadlines for the 2014-15 school year are as follows:

Fall:                 September 15, 2014

Winter:             December 15, 2014

Spring:             March 15, 2015


We hope that this new process will make the financial clearance process easier to follow and more predictable for families.  If you should have any questions, the Student Financial Services office will be happy to provide additional clarification.


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