Financial Aid / Student Financial Services

Accepting Loans and Other Financial Aid

Steps for accepting your loans and other financial aid:

  1. Log in to your Self-Service account. 
  2. Click on “Financial Aid.”  The second tab on the top left side of the web page under Self Service.
  3. Click on “Award.”
  4. Click on “Award By Aid Year.” 
  5. “Select Aid Year” then click on “Submit.”
  6. Click on “Accept Award Offer.”
  7. Any awards that are offered to you that have not been accepted would be under column “Accept Award.”  
    Under this column there should be two options for you for each award: Accept or Decline.  If you accept the award under “Accept Partial Amount” there is an option to put in a partial amount if you do not want the full amount.   
  8. In order for your changes to be recorded you will need to click on “Submit Decision” button.
  9. After accepting your awards if there is any aid you know of that is not listed please make a note of it in the “Comment” box below.

***Please note that your aid will not pay if there are Outstanding Requirements listed on this page***

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