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Financial Aid / Student Financial Services

Financial Assistance

Financial aid is any form of money which has been made available to help students pay for college. The majority of financial aid comes in the form of Federal and state grants and loans. It also comes from private sources, including La Sierra University itself. There are basically four kinds of financial aid programs: Scholarships, Grants, Federal Work Study, and Loans.



FAFSA - The MOST IMPORTANT process in applying for financial aid is filing the "FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID", (FAFSA) application.


Available - Beginning of December each year. You may also pick up the form at any university or college financial aid office, high school, or public library. FAFSA forms will not be accepted before January 1.

Financial Aid: How to Apply




SCHOLARSHIPS - Institutional and privately donated funds offered by La Sierra University and other entities, awarded on the basis of a student's merit and academic achievement. These funds do not have to be repaid!

Institutional Undergraduate Scholarships

Outside Scholarships

Endowment Scholarship






GRANTS - Federal, state and institutional funds awarded on the basis of financial need (usually measured by information from the FAFSA). Like loans, they do not have to be repaid. These include Federal Pell Grants, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG), Federal SMART Grant, State Grants, and Institutional Grants.

Federal Grants

California State Programs

LSU Aid & Grants      



LOANS are a form of financial aid that must be repaid. Most types of education loans do not require repayment until the student is enrolled. Both need-based loans, which are interest-free while the student is in school, and non-need-based loans, which accrue interest while the student is enrolled, are available. Most student loans have low interest rates during the repayment period. Payments may be deferred or forgiven based on certain conditions by the Federal government.

Loan Application & Disbursement




FEDERAL WORK STUDY - A program where the federal government contributes funds toward a student's wages. These funds enable students to work part time while going to school.

Federal Work Study





  • Financial Clearance Deadline - March 15, 2011

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