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Sep 30Randal WisbeyWatch Live / Archive
Oct 7Chris ObergWatch Live / Archive
Oct 14Iki TaimiWatch Live / Archive
Oct 15Iki TaimiWatch Live / Archive
Oct 16Iki TaimiWatch Live / Archive
Oct 21Dominique WakefieldWatch Live / Archive
Oct 28Manuel ArteagaWatch Live / Archive
Nov 4Jared WrightWatch Live / Archive
Nov 11Donavan ChildsWatch Live / Archive
Nov 18Devo KritzingerWatch Live / Archive
Dec 2Andrew DoanWatch Live / Archive
Dec 9Christmas ProgramWatch Live / Archive

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This year, Chapel programs will focus on Jesus’ invitation to experience “life to the fullest” (John 10:10). This kind of life is God’s design and desire for every person (Jeremiah 29:11). It is a life that leads to healthy bodies and minds, a vibrant community life, meaningful service and, most importantly, a new or renewed commitment to Jesus.

It is a life that leaves self behind and continuously seeks the endless mystery, depth and glory of God's love. Those who choose this life will find themselves in a Grand Adventure (Joshua 24:15).

This kind of life doesn't promise to be easy, but it does promise deep fulfillment and the greatest satisfaction.

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