CNEA - Center for Near Eastern Archaeology

Archaeology Across the Campus

A cross-disciplinary colloquium of students and faculty from various schools and departments at La Sierra University


To broaden horizons and enrich the lives of faculty and students through a shared, cross-disciplinary research endeavor centered around the archaeology of the ancient Near East. By identifying and clarifying collaborative research agendas, AAC would provide a forum for discussing the latest approaches to archaeology and related fields, working to develop multiple-disciplinary research projects and facilities, and providing impetus for grant applications for equipment and ongoing research across several disciplines.


Faculty and students from across the campus, especially those in:

  • Divinity School
  • CAS - Biology
  • CAS - Chemistry
  • CAS - Physics
  • CAS - Computer Science
  • CAS - Art
  • CAS - History/Anthropology
Center for Near Eastern Archaeology

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