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Programs & Emphases

Media Studies examines the processes of mass media through visual and digital media. It includes video production, media criticism, media writing, journalism, media law, history of cinema, movements in film and audience analysis.

Public Relations involves the study of how organizations utilize responsible behavior and two-way communication in order to influence opinions and behavior of key publics (employees, consumers, government, community, media) as well as to respond and adapt to the concerns of those publics. The student becomes a professional communicator whose charge is to credibly promote the organization.

Strategic Communication is the study of how organizations and individuals use communication to negotiate their role in society. This emphasis includes the applied and theoretical sides of communication. The subject matter examines Interpersonal, Mass, Organizational and Speech Communication.

Each emphasis gives students a broad-based program that allows them access to graduate studies and the fields of sales, human resource management, marketing, advertising, public affairs, politics, and more.

See the Department of Communication section of the Bulletin (pages 124-129) for details on the courses required for the core curriculum and the emphases.


Bulletins from the Previous Years

2012-2013 (pages 117-123)

2011-2012 (pages 92-102)

2010-2011 (pages 91-96)

2009-2010 (pages 89-94)

2008-2009 (pages 91-94)

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