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What do students say about our courses?

  • "Professor was very nice, funny, and outgoing. Class was not boring and lecture was all on point."
  • "I like how the class is small because it is less stressful and scary to go up to the front and talk."
  • "I enjoyed the professor’s teaching style. It was very interactive and made use of the readings. I learned a lot and used the information I learned in class in everyday situations."
  • "This was my favorite class that I have taken at LSU so far. I really liked the professor, I think she did an excellent job of teaching the material and presenting it in an interactive way. I did a lot of work and papers but I learned a lot as well."
  • "I loved both of the field trips we took. I felt that they were relevant to the class and were helpful. Same with the videos we watched in class. The articles we presented on were useful as well because they gave us new perspectives on gender communication."
  • "The course was a real eye-opener."
  • "I enjoyed this class a lot. I learned how to analyze media in a different way and to look at the world around me from a different perspective. The instructor did a good job making the class feel like a comfortable environment and encouraged discussion."

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