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Computer Science

Degree Programs


B.S. Computer Science
The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree is a four year program that provides a foundation in fundamental computer science principles. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for graduate work, develop strong technical foundations, and cultivate team work and effective communications for success in the workplace.

Requirements: 78 units, as follows

Required cognates: PHYS 231, 232

B.S. Information Systems
The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems degree is a four-year program that prepares students in basic computer science principles, IT project management, problem-solving methods, and the skills to develop information systems for businesses.

Requirements: 54 units, as follows

12 additional units of upper division computing or mathematics

Required cognates: ACCT 211, 212; ECON 254, 255, ECON 444; MGMT 304, 356; MATH 155 or ECON 241

Minor in Computer Science
A Minor in Computer Science can be earned in conjunction with another major.

Requirements: 36 units, including

12 additional units of upper division CPTG courses
8 units additional coursework, selected with department approval



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