An internship in computer science/information systems is a structured, supervised work experience for a minimum of one quarter (ten to twelve weeks). An internship is not just working at a job in the computing industry; rather it is an on-the-job experience under the supervision of a mentor. Thirty hours of work must be successfully completed for each unit of credit. The student may register for a maximum of eight units.

It is the student's responsibility to find the internship opportunity and obtain the Department's approval before commencing the internship.


1. The student shall develop a written statement to present to a perspective mentor that includes
the following:

• a curriculum vitae outlining the student's education background, work experience, and computer skills, etc,
• the minimum number of hours for the internship and the desired time frame,
• the type of internship desired (e.g., type of computer skills the student wishes to develop further or type of experience the student wishes to have).

2. Before the internship commences the student shall give to the Department Chair a clear
description of both the goals of the internship and implementation plan signed by both the
student and the mentor. The student is not to start the internship until the Department
approves it. The internship description should include:

• who the mentor is,
• the job expectations of the student,
• the nature of the formal interaction between the student and the mentor,
• expectations and deadlines for projects, etc.

It is important that the issue of remuneration (if any) is clear to both the student and the supervisor/employer. The issue of pay for the internship is not a concern of the Department and is between the student and the mentor/supervisor/employer.

3. During the internship the student shall keep a daily journal. The journal should include:

• a daily log (time should be given each day for the student to keep the journal current),
• questions and observations that occur to the student.

4. After the formal work is completed for the internship the student shall write a three to five page reflective paper. The paper should include:

• a report of the work experience,
• an evaluation of the internship experience,
• a discussion of how the student's class work informed the internship and vice versa.

5. Before the Department evaluates the internship the student must submit the following:

• the journal (see #3),
• the final paper (see #4),
• documentation of thirty hours per unit of successful work experience,
• an evaluation by the mentor/supervisor/employer.

6. Internships are graded S/U (satisfactory/unsatisfactory).

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