Student Testimonials

I decided to attend La Sierra University because of the diversity of students, the integrity it provides to the education of students, and the overall commitment to make sure the student succeeds.  I decided on a Social Work major because of the services it provides to people.  I want to be able to make a difference in someone's life.  I also want to be able to give them a sense of hope when they appear lost.

---Edith Gonzalez, current student


When I first came to La Sierra University I was still attending another college in the area.  I enjoyed the atmosphere the Christian school provided.  La Sierra offered the best adult-learning social work degree in Southern California.  The DCS staff is very helpful and accommodating to working adult students.  They are excellent at following up with me and keeping me on track.

---Stephanie Thompson, current student


I chose La Sierra University because they offered an evening adult program.  The school is conveniently located and the time is suitable for my hectic schedule.  I love the personal care I received from the guidance advisor.  Registration is easy and convenient, and I don't have to worry about not being able to take a class because it's full.  I am extremely impressed with the Division of Continuing Studies program.  The environment is inviting and the staff becomes your extended family.  This program and staff have turned a dream into a reality.

--- Joy Lewis, current student


Amarleono Burnett, a professional chef, Detroit native and current Riverside resident, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in liberal arts. When asked to describe his thoughts and emotions upon receiving his degree, he responded, "Exhilarated.  Relieved.  Fulfilled and blessed".  After attending culinary schools in Maryland and Washington D.C., Amarleono decided he needed to bolster his education.  One day while eating dinner with a friend, he saw an advertisement on television for La Sierra University.  He told his friend, "I want to go to that school", two months later he was sitting in class!  Amarleono says, "It's been a phenomenal experience coming back to school.  It's the best thing I've ever done."

--- Amarleono Burnett, B.A., 2011 Liberal Arts


La Sierra had exactly what I was looking for education-wise.  I've been very pleased with La Sierra University and would love for other family members and friends to come to La Sierra.  I talk highly of La Sierra University and the DCS program.  The teachers and staff all do such an outstanding job! Thank you for all your hard, dedicated work!!!

---Myrna Camacho, B.A., 2010 Liberal Arts


Going back to pursue a higher education was a real challenge for me because I am a wife, a mother of four daughters, and a full-time employee.  The Division of Continuing Studies enabled me to pursue, and complete my degree.  My goal is to become a high school counselor so I can continue giving back to my community and helping ESL/ELD students who are in the same situation that I was in high school.

--- Patty Cuyan, B.A., 2010 Liberal Arts


The impact of DCS on my life has been tremendous. The staff has been very concerned and supportive of my needs at all times. I have enjoyed developing friendships with the other DCS students as well. I have enjoyed my classes, and feel I have gotten so much more out of them as an older student... Whenever I would start to think that [school] was too much for me, I would picture myself receiving my diploma...and that kept me going! It is hard work, but definitely worth the effort.

---Danielle Decker, B.A., 1997 Business Administration


I was able to finish my bachelor's degree while working full-time and being a single mom. At times it was tough, but the program is designed for people who have families and work... DCS provided a very supportive environment, and I really enjoyed my time at

La Sierra University. I'm glad I stuck with my education--it opens many doors!

---Christine Strub, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts


I have been so impressed with the quality of DCS's personnel. The kindness, flexibility, and professional expertise...made the experience a pleasure. It's never easy going back to school, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

---Kelly Horton, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts


Everything I hoped for at La Sierra University has happened. I'd pursued a degree at [another university] for 14 years but had trouble fitting everything together. I came to La Sierra and finished my degree in March rather than two years later! I went from being a number to being a person. I've worked really hard, but have been inspired to do so. The friendships I have built are incredible. My teachers expressed their appreciation for my perspective as a mother... I have already been hired by the Riverside Unified School District.

---Tamra Sinclair-O'Neil, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts with Teaching Credentials


I appreciated my classes much more than when I originally attended college. I got a wonderful view of diversity and was able to take some different different areas. Now I am able to introduce my children to those areas. I'd considered other schools and came away discouraged. DCS created a very positive environment.

---Patti Harrison, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts


Getting my college degree has greatly impacted my life; without DCS I don't know where I would be now. I'm more willing to take chances now because I believe I can do it. I'm now applying for the M.S.W. program at Loma Linda University.

---Daisy Thomas, B.S.W., 1997 Social Work


I gained the opportunity to get a quality education at a reasonable cost; the University provided a comfortable environment in which to learn. I'll be working on my M.S.W. in the Fall!

---Phillip Mastin, B.S.W., 1997 Social Work


Student Testimonial[This experience] has changed my life. I realized that I could accomplish an amazing amount of work through organization and perseverance... Nothing is impossible.

---Linda Long, B.S.W., 1997 Social Work


DCS's evening schedule made it possible to finish my degree after working on it for 40 years! I'm also happy to graduate from

La Sierra University because my three children attended here.

---Jane Lombard Bobst, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts


It has allowed me to hope that I might get back on track...and live a full, productive life. In the words of Winston Churchill, "Never give up, never give up, never, never, never, never give up."

---Robert Coffee, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts


I would have never obtained my degree without DCS's evening program. My advice to returning students is to come to college with a plan, know why you're here, and don't allow yourself to become overwhelmed.

---Janibell Francis, B.A., 1997 Business Administration


DCS worked with [me] and gave me a chance for a great education I wouldn't have otherwise gotten. I've been accepted by Mills College in Oakland for my M.A. in English!

---Monika Rogge, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts


I finally got my dream after 20 years of working at it. Returning students should never give up, just keep reaching for your dream! I'm now planning my Master's degree in Finance.

---Barbara Peterson, B.A., 1997 Business Administration


The flexibility that the program offers has made it easy to complete my degree. DCS has helped me attain my dreams.

---Michelle Jensen Torres, B.A., 1997 Liberal Arts


Without DCS I may never have gotten my degree. [The program] was full of wonderful classes and teachers and faculty.

---Linda Albright, B.S.W., 1997 Social Work


I have finished a major goal in my life, met a lot of really nice people, and made some lifelong friendships.... I'm now starting a job as a Social Services worker and applying to the M.S.W. program.

---Eleanore Eckard-Garces, B.S.W., 1998 Social Work

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