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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Early Alert

Criminal Justice Early Alert

This form is to be utilized by Criminal Justice department professors, advisors, and/or work supervisors, who are concerned about a student’s academic progress and/or personal well-being. We encourage faculty and staff to refer students EARLY IN THE QUARTER (first 3-4 weeks of the quarter are critical) and as soon as detrimental behaviors are displayed. For example:

  • 1-2 missed classes
  • 1-2 missed assignments
  • 1-2 failed quizzes
  • 1 failed test

This information will be used by the Criminal Justice staff to make contact with the student and devise a plan of action for improved academic progress. Please be advised that referral information will be shared with the student.

Note: This form is for the Criminal Justice program only. All other La Sierra faculty should use the C-SAS Early Alert form that can be found here: http://lasierra.edu/index.php?id=1498.


Early Alert for CJ Faculty - Form

Early Alert for CJ Faculty

Early Alert Form for Criminal Justice Faculty
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