2006-2007 Academic Programs

This document contains links to files provided and maintained by the Academic Advising Office at La Sierra University. These Curriculum Sheets, as they are called, provide students and advisors with a guide to choosing a course track for the student's intended program of study. It only aids in structuring the student's schedule each quarter to ensure the student comes out on track for graduation after the normal term of study for her/his program or degree. All students MUST still consult with their University assigned advisor and the bulletin under which they began matriculation in all matters of course/major/degree/graduation requirements.

Please note that the Curriculum Sheets are subject to change without notice--usually the curriculum sheets are updated for each new school year. Users will be held accountable in making sure that the curriculm sheets in their possession are current and up to date.


A B C E G H I L M P R S | Pre-Professional Programs

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Art, B.A.

Fine Art, B.A., Pre-Med/Pre-Dent

Fine Art, B.F.A.

Graphic Design, B.F.A.


Biochemistry (see Chemistry)

Biology (Emphasis in Biological Science), B.S.

Biology (Emphasis in Biomedical Science), B.S.

Biomathematics (see Mathematics)

Biophysics (see Physics)

Business & Management

Business Management, B.A.

Business & Society, B.A.

Entrepreneurship, B.S.

Entrepreneurship: Social Entrepreneurship, B.S.

Marketing, B.S.

Political Economy, B.A.

Management B.A., Pre-Med/Pre-Dent

Management Human Resource Mgmt, B.A.

Accounting Conc., B.S.

Finance, B.S.

Customized Major, B.A./B.S.



Chemistry, B.A.

Chemistry, B.S.

Biochemistry, B.S.

Physical Science, w/Secondary Teaching Cred., B.S.

Communication (see English)

Computer Science, B.S.

Information Systems, B.S.




English: Focus on Literature, B.A.,

English: Focus on Literature, B.A., Pre-Med/Pre-Dent

English: Focus on Writing, B.A.

English: Focus on Writing, B.A., Pre-Med/Pre-Dent

Communication - Emphasis in Public Relations & Advertising, B.A.

Communication - Emphasis in Theory, B.A.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language

TESOL Certificate


Graphic Design (see Art)


Health & Exercise Science

Exercise Science, Concentrations

Physical Education, B.S.

Wellness Management, B.S.

Scientific Basis, B.S.

Scientific Basis, B.S. (Pre-Med/Pre-Dent)

Scientific Basis, B.S. (Pre-Physical Therapy Program)

Health Science

Health Promotion and Education, B.S.

Bio-Health Science, B.S.

Health Care Management, B.S.

Globalization and World Health, B.S.

General Health Science Certificate

History, Politics & Society

History, B.A.

History, B.A., (Pre-Med/Pre-Dent)

Global Studies

Sociology, B.A.


Information Systems (see Computer Science)

Individual Major, B.A.


Liberal Studies, B.A.

Liberal Studies (Concentration)

Liberal Studies Concentrations


Mathematics, B.S.

Biomathematics, B.S.

Modern Languages

Spanish, Spain, B.A.

Spanish, Argentina, B.A.

Spanish, B.A., Pre-Med/Pre-Dent


Music, B.A.

Music, B.A. Pre-Med/Pre-Dent

Music Education, B.Mus.

Music Performance Concentration: Piano, B. Mus.

Music Perf. Conc.: Strings, B. Mus.

Music Perf. Conc.: Instrument other than 
Piano/Strings, B. Mus.

Music Perf. Conc.: Voice, B. Mus.

Music Technology, B.S.


Philosphical Studies/Individual Majors

Physics - Biophysics, B.S.


Psychology, B.A.

Psychology/Psychobiology, B.S.

Social Work, B.S.W.



Religious Studies: Pre-Seminary, B.A.


Religious Studies, B.A.

Religious Studies, B.A., Pre-Med/Pre-Dent


Social Work (see Psychology)

Sociology (see History)

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