FAQ's - Frequent Asked Questions

1 - How do I register for Orientation?

2 - How do I change my major?

3 - How do I register for classes online?

Students must log into their self-service account to register for classes online.

4 - What is my user ID for my self-service account?

6 - What is an alternate pin and how do I obtain one?

The alternate pin is a five digit code that allows students to register online. Only advisors can issue alternate pins to students.

7 - What does “Pre-requisite or test error” mean?

This error restricts registration for particular classes because a student is trying to register for a class for which he or she does not qualify. Some classes require additional classes and/or placement exams prior to registering for the class. The minimum grade for all pre-requisite classes is “C”.

8 - What does “Level restriction” mean?

A level restriction occurs when Freshmen and Sophomore students try to register for classes that are 300 level and above. Students must have Junior or Senior standing to register for 300 or 400 level courses. (Juniors = 88-135 units; Seniors = 136 units or more)

9 - What if the class I need to register for is full?

If a class is full, students must select a different section or speak with the instructor to see if adding is a possibility. Only the instructor may override a student into full classes.

10 - What is an override?

An override is the authority given by faculty for students to register for restricted class. Overrides are placed online through the student self-service account. Once an override is placed on to a student’s account, the student has 48 hours to register for the class or else the override expires.

11 - How do I reset my password for my self-service account?

If you forget your password, click on “Forgot Password” and answer the security questions you previously set up to reset your password to your six digit date of birth. If you don’t know your security questions or never set them up, contact the Records Office at 951-785-2006 to have it reset manually.

12 - How many units are needed for Full-Time status?

12 units are needed for full-time status for undergraduate students and 6 units for graduate students.

13 - What does withdrawing from a class mean?

Withdrawing from a class after the first 11 class days of a quarter and by 10 class days before the beginning of final test week. In this time period the student will receive a "W" for that course without impact on GPA. Withdrawals during first 11 days of class in a quarter are not recorded on one's academic transcript.

14 - Who is my advisor? How do I contact them?

Your advisor is listed in your myCampus Portal under the “Academics” tab. Their contact information (email & phone) is listed below the advisor’s name.

15 - Which bulletin year am I under?

The year you were accepted into La Sierra University is also your Bulletin year.

16 - How do I know what class standing I am?

Freshman: less than 44 units, Sophomore: 44-87 units, Junior: 88-135 units, and Senior: 136 or more units. It is also listed on your DegreeWorks & MyCampus Portal.

17 - What is considered a full time student?

An undergraduate student enrolled for 12 units or a graduate student enrolled for 6 units. Financial aid is dependent on full time status.

18 - What is "critical academic probation"?

A student on Academic Probation who fails to raise his or her cumulative and LSU GPA to 2.00 or above or who earns a quarter GPA below 1.00 is placed on Critical Academic Probation with restrictions on course load, on participation in university activities requiring off-campus travel, and on time devoted to work and other personal non-academic activities.


Also known as Probationary Status. This status is given to students who do not meet requirements for regular standing and are restricted on course load and extracurricular university activities.

20 - What is FERPA?