FAQ's - Frequent Asked Questions

1 - What is First-Year Experience?

This program is designed to support freshmen’s academic and social integration into university life. For students joining La Sierra during the fall term, the First-Year Experience begins during summer orientation and continues throughout the school year during the First-Year Seminar, weekly individual appointments with academic coaches, and supplemental experiences such as learning workshops and career fairs. Together these components work to provide new students with the essential tools needed for college success.

2 - Are First-Year Orientation and First-Year Seminar required?

In most cases, yes. For freshmen joining La Sierra with 23 college units or less, the First-Year Seminar is required. For freshmen joining La Sierra in the fall term, participation in summer’s First-Year Orientation is also required. It is during this summer event that students are introduced to campus faculty and staff, learn about important resources, register for classes, and meet their future classmates.

To learn about orientation or register for this event, click HERE

3 - What First-Year Seminar should I take?

For students with regular admission standing, it’s your choice! Select the University Studies 101 seminar that matches your interests. For example, are you majoring in Biology? Then you may want to select one of the seminars that focuses on animal or deep sea life. Are you a big music fan? Then join one of the seminars that explores contemporary or classical music.

Students with provisional status or students enrolled in two basic skills courses should register for University Studies 100, the enhanced version of the first-year seminar. This features additional support from faculty as well as learning communities and specialized tutoring to enrich students’ academic journeys.

4 - What is academic coaching?

Academic coaching is a working partnership focused on college success. Together with an academic coach assigned through the First-Year Seminar, each student explores learning styles, study habits, and campus resources. As a team, student and coach identify areas that may need improvement then design effective strategies to strengthen these areas. Students meet with coaches in weekly, individual sessions at the Center for Student Academic Success.

To view a directory of our academic coaches, click HERE.

5 - What happens after the First-Year Experience?

After the First-Year Experience, students are matched with faculty advisors who specialize in a student’s chosen academic field. Students consult advisors prior to registration to review course selections and other academic opportunities. Students seeking additional learning or career support may meet with mentors in the 4U College Management program.

To read more about 4U mentoring, click HERE.