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Welcome to La Sierra University

This summer is where your college experience begins. Here at the Center of Student Academic Success we want to help you excel as a Golden Eagle. Our Summer Orientation program will help you accomplish some of the following:

  • Complete Math and English placement tests (if applicable) to determine your class level of English and math.
  • Clear registration holds.
  • Get advised and registered for Fall quarter courses.
  • Obtain official student ID card and parking permit.
  • Get acclimated to the campus, meeting your future classmates, administrators, faculty and staff.  


If you have not registered yet, you can Register for orientation in your Portal!

Log in and go to "My Checklist"

Click "ACTIVATE ACCOUNT" and follow the prompts.

Orientation Dates

  • June 17-18
  • July 22-23
  • August 19-20
  • September 2-3
  • September 15-16 (reserved for those traveling 4+ hours away)
  • July 15
  • August 12
  • Corona: August 5 & 25
  • Ontario: August 27

Placement Tests

Placement tests help you as a student know which Math and English classes you should choose. Based on your SAT and ACT scores you automatically are placed in your classes. If you feel you have been placed at a level lower then you should you can take the placement test to try and place higher. To prepare for your placement tests, we encourage you to study! Here are some links to sample questions as well as descriptions of the the English and math placement exams:

www.lasierra.edu/testing or http://accuplacer.collegeboard.org

For information on fees and retake options associated with placement tests: FAQ

Registering for Classes

You can register for classes before, during, or after orientation. However, we encourage students to register before or during. You will be advised by an Academic Advisor during orientation on what classes you should take for Fall quarter. They will help you create a class schedule. We advise first‐time college students to take 12‐14 units. This will give students a chance to adjust to a new environment, new study schedule, and the intensity of a new level of education. We offer 80 majors, 40 minors, 29 Pre‐Health Professions, and 5 Pre‐professional programs. See our website for more details lasierra.edu/csas/curriculum‐sheets/

If you are an incoming, first-time freshman that needs to change your major from the one listed in your application, contact ADMISSIONS to change your major: 951‐785‐2176 or admissions@lasierra.edu

Sample Orientation Schedule

SessionLocationApproximate TimeSession Details
Check-InZapara School of Business-ZSB8:00 am-9:50 amSign in, Continental Breakfast, Triage: Admissions, C-SAS, Testing, SFS, Health, Photo,
Welcome and IntroductionsZSB Troesh Center9:00 am - 9:50 amMeet Administration, C-SAS, Career Services, and Financial Admin
Breakout SessionsGroup 1: ZSB RM 236, Group 2: ZSB RM 201, Group 3: ZSB RM 24410:00 am - 10:30 amGroup 1: Campus Connections Group 2: Major Decisions Group 3: Steps for Success
Breakout SessionsGroup 1: ZSB RM 244, Group 2: ZSB RM 236, Group 3: ZSB RM 20110:35 am - 11:05 amGroup 1: Steps for Success Group 2: Campus Connections Group 3: Major Decisions
Breakout SessionsGroup 1: ZSB RM 201, 2: ZSB RM 244, Group 3: ZSB RM 23611:10 am - 11:40 amGroup 1: Major Decisions Group 2: Steps for Success Group 3: Campus Connections
Meet and GreetMultiple Locations11:45 am-12:25 pmAcademic Departments and Campus Resources
Raffles and PrizesZSB12:30 pm-12:55 pm 
LunchDining Commons1:00 pm - 1:50 pmFree All You Can Eat Lunch
TestingMultiple Locations2:00 pm - 3:00 pmMath and English
AdvisingSierra Vista Hall2:00 pm - 3:00 pmFor Students that Need Advising
RegistrationSierra Vista Hall2:00 pm - 3:00 pmFor Advised Students
Check-outGladwyn Hall3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

Fees and Scholarship

The cost of orientation is included in your freshman fee. The freshman fee also includes IGNITE and your First Year Experience. To help deduct some of the cost you can receive an $100 Orientation Scholarship. The scholarship is offered to those who attend all scheduled events for orientation and who have turned in all their papers to the appropriate departments (Health Services and Student Financial Services) by the August 30 deadline.

Orientation Survey

At the end of your orientation experience we need your feedback. You will need to complete this survey before you receive your scholarship. Unless you attended the Criminal Justice Orientation, fill out the first link below.

Take the Survey!

Take the Survey! Criminal Justice