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Certificate in Ministry (C.Min.)

Program Overview

The C.Min. program offers a first step into graduate professional studies in religion. If you have little or no theological training, the graduate Certificate in Ministry is designed for you.

You may feel called to move into a leadership role in your local church, or maybe you’re exploring the idea of becoming a pastor. Both are good starting places for students in the Graduate Certificate in Ministry program. This 36-unit program is designed for those with little or no theological training, and can be completed in one year minimum, depending on your chosen pace.

The program provides basic foun- dational training, introducing you to the various disciplines that make up theological studies. It comprises the introductory one fourth of the Master of Divinity program required for those without any undergraduate religion or theology background. You can use the C.Min. as a first step to more advanced degrees such as the M.T.S. or M.Div.

Who Should Attend:

The program is designed for people who:

  • Believe they are called to lead in their local congregations.
  • May have some practical experience in pastoral work, but not the neces- sary undergraduate qualifications.

Alumni Profile

Mabel Duncan, 2009



“I TRULY BELIEVE THE EDUCATORS at LSU make up one of the premier faculties in theology, not only in Adventism, but in the world’s leading theological institutions."


WHY LA SIERRA: I was convicted to become

a pastor in the Adventist church, and retired from the military. I was originally scheduled to go to another college. I chose LSU because the diversity of the students is unmatched in the Adventist system. That is important to me. And you can’t beat Southern California weather!


WHAT I GAINED: The fact that I attended La Sierra was an intense blessing because it opened my mind to new possibilities in the world, academ- ically and intellectually, within the realm of theology. The faculty challenges you to think in new ways that drive you to look deeper into the Bible than you ever thought possible. It helps you to develop your theological foundation, giving you a firm start to be a pastor.


WHAT I AM DOING NOW: I am working as a youth pastor for two churches, and for the last five years we have gone to the Philippines to do evangelism. We have baptized over 1,000 people now and started a non-profit that helps Filipino children go to Adventist schools.