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Undergraduate Department of Religion Faculty


John W. Webster, Dean
Professor of Theology and History of Christianity (1999)
PhD Princeton Theological Seminary 1995
Systematic Theology, History of Christianity, Philosophy, Ethics

Douglas R. Clark, Associate Dean
Professor of Biblical Studies and Archaeology (2007)
PhD Vanderbilt University 1984
Biblical Languages, Old Testament, Archaeology

Warren C. Trenchard, Director, Graduate Programs
Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature (1995)
PhD University of Chicago 1981
Biblical Languages, New Testament Background and Interpretation, Early Christian Literature

Kent Bramlett
Assistant Professor of Archaeology and History of Antiquity (2010)
PhD University of Toronto 2009
Biblical Languages, Near Eastern Archaeology, and History of Antiquity

Lawrence T. Geraty
Professor of Archaeology and Old Testament Studies (1993)
PhD Harvard University 1972
Old Testament Studies, Archaeology

V. Bailey Gillespie
Professor of Theology and Christian Personality (1970)
PhD Claremont Graduate University 1973
Theology, Christian Nurture, Ministry

Fritz Guy
Research Professor of Philosophical Theology (1961, 1990)
DD hc La Sierra University 2002
PhD University of Chicago 1971
Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Ethics

Maury D. Jackson
Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry (2009)
DMin Claremont School of Theology
Pastoral Ministry, Ethics, Philosophy

John R. Jones
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies and World Religions (1990)
PhD Vanderbilt University 1982
Biblical Languages and Background, Scriptural Interpretation and Theology, Phenomenology of Religions

Wonil Kim
Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies (1994)
PhD Claremont Graduate University 1996
Exegesis, Theology, and Hermeneutics of the Old Testament

Charles Teel, Jr.
Professor of Religion and Society (1967)
PhD Boston University 1972
Religion and Society, Christian Ethics

Kendra Haloviak Valentine
Associate Professor of New Testament Studies (2001)
PhD Graduate Theological Union 2002
New Testament Studies, Biblical Languages

Randal R. Wisbey, University President
Associate Professor of Ministry (2007)
DMin Wesley Theological Seminary 1990
Pastoral and Youth Ministry


John C. Brunt
PhD Emory University 1978

Gary Chartier
Associate Professor of Business Law and Ethics
JD University of California, Los Angeles 2001
PhD University of Cambridge 1991
Theology and Ethics

Gerard Kiemeney
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Ministry
DMin Fuller Theological Seminary 1993
Pastoral Ministry

David Larson
Adjunct Professor of Ethics
PhD Claremont Graduate University 1982
DMin Claremont School of Theology 1973

Samuel Leonor
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Relgion
MDiv Andrews University 1998
Introduction to Adventist Beliefs

William Loveless
Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Studies
EdD University of Maryland 1964
Pastoral Counseling

Julius Nam
PhD Andrews University 2005
theological and historical studies

Katherine Parsons
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Church History 
PhD(c) University of California, Riverside
MPh University of Cambridge 2006
History of Christianity

Hector Ramal
Adjunct Professor of Preaching
DMin Andrews University 1994
Preaching, Ministry Fieldwork

Richard Rice
Adjunct Professor of Theology
PhD University of Chicago 1974
Systematic and Philosophical Theology

Siegfried Roeske
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Religion
PhD Andrews University 1997
Christian Beliefs

Daniel Smith
DMin Andrews University 1987
homiletics, evangelism

Bernard Taylor
Adjunct Professor of Biblical Languages
PhD Hebrew Union College 1989
Greek, Hebrew, Latin

Calvin Thomsen
Adjunct Professor of Pastoral Studies
PhD Loma Linda University 2008
DMin Fuller Theological Seminary 1985
Pastoral Counseling, Church Administration

Tony I. Zbaraschuk
MLS Indiana University 1993
La Sierra University Special Collections Librarian








































































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