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The Adventist Society of Religious Studies

The 2014 meeting of the Adventist Society for Religious Studies will convene in San Diego, California from November 20-22, 2014.

The theme for the meeting is "Ecclesiology in Doctrine and Practice."


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ASRS 2014 Program and Papers

Program: Ecclesiology in Doctrine and Practice
November 20-22, 2014 | San Diego, California

Table of Contents

Presidential Addresses
Ranko Stefanovic

Tom Shepherd

Session I: Papers

David E. Thomas, Walla Walla University
From 'Ekklesia' to Something Else

Kendra Haloviak Valentine, La Sierra University
Community and Change: Hymnody and Ecclesiastical Unity

With appendix

Mitchell Tyner, Retired General Conference associate general counsel
How Civil Law has influenced SDA Governance

Alex Bryan, Walla Walla University Church
Adventist Ecclesiology and THE ONE PROJECT

Session II: Papers

Esther Knott, Andrews University
NAD Education Imitative

Rahel Schafer, Andrews University
Should We Bring Our Dogs to Church? Animals and Ecclesiology

Ben Holdsworth, Union College
Rethinking Adventist Ecclesiology for Climate-Impacted World

Clinton Baldwin, Northern Caribbean University
The Nexus of Church and the Evolution of the Sacred Text

Session III: Papers

Ann Gibson, Andrews University
The Chief and the Church

Gerald Winslow, Loma Linda University
How Adventist Healthcare Affects Adventist Ecclesiology

Leslie Pollard, Oakwood University
How Regional Conferences Affect Adventist Ecclesiology


Richard Winn, Western Association of Schools and Colleges
How Education Affects Adventist Ecclesiology

Session IV: Papers

James Walters, Loma Linda University
Authentic, Divergent Faces of Adventism - and the Future

Olive Hemmings, Washington Adventist University
The Emerging Church, Oprah Winfrey, and the Reshaping of American Consciousness

Richard Rice, Loma Linda University
From Adventist Anthropology to Adventist Ecclesiology

Session VI: Papers

John Brunt, Azure Hills Church
Biblical and Contemporary Metaphors for Church

Ross Winkle, Pacific Union College
The "Sanctuary Doctrine" and the Hydrological Ecclesiology of the Temple

Marlene Ferreras, La Sierra University
How Does Our Reading of Judges 1:14-15 Influence the "Practice" of Ecclesiology in the Ciudad Juarez?

Ernie Bursey, Adventist University of Health Science
"And to the church that meets in your hours." Plumbing the Plural in Philemon

ASRS Downloads

          Angelology and Demonology - A Theological Proposal
          Genesis 6 1-4 in Old Testament Interpretation
          The Bible Text in the Classroom - History of Religions
          The Biblical Text as Source of Doctrine
          The Watchers Moif and the New Testament
          The Watchers - An Intertestamental Commonplace

          A Response to Three Papers
          An Adventist Spiritual Pilgrimage
          Commitment and Criticism - A Formula for Renewal
          Encounter with God-Steps Toward an Adventist Devotional Theology
          Rationality and Spirituality - Friends or Enemies
          Spirituality in Apocalyptic Imagery
          The Wesleyan Roots of Adventist Spirituality
          What Do We Mean by Balance

          Another Way of Being
          Archaeology and Biblical Studies
          Can Mission Stories of an Adventist Past Foster a Shared Adventist Future
          Ministry and the Ministry of the Future
          Outline of Adventism and the Social Construction of Modern Selfhood
          Patterns in Adventist Biblical Studies
          Prophetic Interpretation in the SDA Church
          The Role of Doctrine in the Life of the Church
          Uses of the Bible in Adventism

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