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Division of Student Life

ID Cards

All La Sierra University students, faculty, and staff are issued an official student identification card. The card displays a color photo, your student identification number, and a color-coded logo.

The magnetic stripes on the back of your card provide access to various academic buildings and labs, campus housing, the library, and on-campus student activities, as well as meal plans while the iclass chip gives you access to the campus perimeter gates, the gym complex, recreational field, and printing services , some computer labs and dormitory business centers.

The ID card is yours to use, but it remains the property of La Sierra University. University policy strictly prohibits you from loaning your card. Use of a LSU ID card by anyone other than the individual is prohibited and may constitute a violation of University policies. Guard your ID card as you would your driver's license, credit cards, or cash.

Keep it away from all magnetic fields that may demagnetize the stripes and i-class chips. Do not leave your card on or near a television, stereo, stereo speaker, microwave, or other electromagnetic equipment. Do not punch holes in the card, bend, cut, or mutilate it. Do not keep your card where it may bend or come in direct contact with other magnetized cards. Intentional damage or misuse of the card may render it unusable.

Report a lost or stolen card in person to the Office of Student Life immediately (Administration Building, Room 202). You can also report your lost/stolen card through the phone by calling 951.785.2100.

The cost of a replacement card is $20. You must present some form of positive identification (picture ID) to obtain a replacement ID card and proof of registration. Payment for a replacement card is available at the Bursars window in the Administration Building.

You should report any stolen property to the Campus Security. They will assist you in filing a stolen property report. They can be reached at 951.785.2222.

Lost or Stolen Card?

Report Your Stolen/Lost ID Card

To report a lost or stolen card, please call the Office of Student Life at (951) 785-2100 or Security After-Hours at (951) 785-2222.

Add More Funds To Your Meal Plan

To add more funds to your meal plan, contact the Bursar's Office at (951) 785-2152. Alternatively, you can visit the Cashier's in the first floor of the Administration Building.

Add More Funds To Your Printing Account

To add more funds to your printing account, contact the IT Office at (951) 785-2904. They are located in Ambs Hall next to MICOL.



Are You Having ID Card Problems?

First find out where is your card not working, then contact the effected department.


Student Life (951) 785-2100

  • Perimeter Gates
  • Fitness Center and Tennis Courts
  • Dorm Business Centers

Bursar (951) 785-2152

  • Cafeteria - Bursar Office (951) 785-2152.


  • Dorm Parking Lots - Contact the Dorm Secretary of Residence you live in.
  • Angwin Hall - (951) 785-2025.
  • Calkins Hall - (951) 785-2212.
  • Sierra Towers - (951) 785-2229.
  • South Hall - (951) 785-2166.


Sample ID Card

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