In addition to its graduate degrees in TESOL, the School of Education at La Sierra University offers an innovative new program in TESOL for those seeking short-term intensives.

Intensive Practicum in TESOL Instruction (IPTI)

We offer the Intensive Practicum in TESOL Instruction (IPTI) to groups of foreign teachers who are sponsored by their government or professional organization to study abroad. Our innovative program, called IPTI for short, gives visiting teachers four valuable opportunities for personal and professional development.

Opportunities for IPTI Trainees

  • IPTI participants can study TESOL Methodologies under experienced instructors who teach through demonstrations and small group work, rather than only lectures.
  • IPTI participants can gain international teaching experience by working in a professional practicum that places them in an American classroom as a teaching assistant. 
  • IPTI participants can receive valuable mentorship training that will help them to recognize and develop human potential in their students, themselves, and others.
  • IPTI participants can experience the cultural attractions of Southern California on educational weekend fieldtrips.

A Typical Day in the IPTI Program

A typical day in our program begins with trainees reporting to duty at their practicum site, usually an elementary, middle school, or high school. In the evenings, trainees attend classes at La Sierra University focusing on TESOL Methodologies, Language Skills, Education, and Mentorship Practices. On the weekends, trainees explore the cultural attractions of Southern California through educational field trips.

Graduate Degree in TESOL

If you have completed a TESOL Certificate at UCR Extension, you can transfer the credits you have earned for your certificate toward a customized Master of Arts in TESOL degree at La Sierra University. For more information, please contact us.

Those wishing to teach English to speakers of other languages can obtain the degree of Master of Arts, TESOL Concentration from La Sierra University’s well-respected School of Education. This degree is considered a prerequisite for employment in most university-level TESOL programs. For more information, click here.

The Education Specialist, TESOL Concentration provides further specialization beyond the level of the Master of Arts. For more information, click here.

Chanhee (“Jennifer”) Chae

Question: Has this program been helpful to you?

Yes, we could observe American education. That was helpful!

Eunha (“Lydia”) Oh

Question: Would you recommend this program to other Korean teachers?

Absolutely! Because it’s totally different from what we learned in the Korean program. Their method is quite different at La Sierra University.

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