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2013-2014 Courses

Reading Improvement (ENGL 001)

001 classes are offered as the first step in Basic Skills: English. For more information, please visit the course schedule, as classes vary by quarter.

Intro to Composition I (ENGL 005A) & Intro to Composition II (ENGL 005B)

005 classes, part of Basic Skills:English, help prepare students for the required College Writing Sequence. For more information, please visit the course schedule, as classes vary by quarter.

College Writing Sequence (ENGL 111, 112, & 113)

ENGL 111 students delve into critical thinking, reading, and writing essential for college-level papers. ENGL 112 focuses on academic discourse in the realm of argumentative and persuasive writing. In ENGL 113, students construct a college level research paper of 8 to 10 pages in length, acquiring new research skills and utilizing what they have learned throughout the sequence.

Freshman Seminar in Writing (ENGL 124) — FALL 2013

Students who have earned a minimum score of 630 in the CR/Verbal section of the SAT, a minimum score of 26 in the English section of the ACT, or a high score (4-5) on the AP English Exam are eligible to enroll in ENGL 124. This course may be taken in place of the College Writing sequence, allowing students to take one class instead of three. Please note that ENGL 124 may not be repeated.

Intro to Creative Writing (ENGL 205) — FALL 2013

Students will explore the craft of creative writing, learning traditional literary techniques and experimenting with new forms and styles in this introduction to composing poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

Survey of American Literature to 1860 (ENGL 224) — FALL 2013

An introduction to the reading and analysis of the major literary genres, authors, and works from the Colonial American period through the Civil War.


English Colloquium (ENGL 285 & 485) — FALL 2013

These division courses are required of all majors. Both ENGL 285 and 485, designed for English majors, involve meeting with an instructor as well as attending department events and logging them through OrgSync, with a goal of intellectual engagement with issues pertinent to our discipline.

Writing for Children (ENGL 307) — FALL 2013

This course focuses on fundamental tools and techniques of writing for children and their practical application. Students will work on a number of projects as they develop their individual style and creativity through written assignments.

Classic Children's Literature (ENGL 415A & 515A) — FALL 2013

A review of pre-1940 children's literature. Emphasis on evaluation, genres, cultural diversity, and literary merit.

Biblical Literature (ENGL 445 & 545) — FALL 2013

An introduction to the reading of the Bible from the standpoint of a literary critic, and an assessment of the importance of the influence of the Bible on Western literature.



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