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Alumni Profile

Patrick Garrett York (BA 2010, MA 2012)

“English at La Sierra is the runt of the litter—it seemed to me the leviathans of business and the sciences take up the prime positions under mother's stomach at our alma mater, but I prefer the underdog with its tenacious spirit and faculty like Dr. Howe, who accepts a professor's highest honor on the graduation stage, but can't wait to step out of view and pull an antsy grandchild onto her lap.”


Why La Sierra?

To be honest, I was compelled by others.


What I gained:

Too much to enumerate here. But the most important thing: La Sierra has all the potential to be the heart of future Adventist literary endeavor.


What I’m doing now:

I attend UC, Riverside's MFA program in Creative Writing and Writing for the Performing Arts, and I intern for PennWell Publishing.


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