• M.A. in English, La Sierra University, Riverside, CA. 2012
    • B.A. in English Literature, La Sierra University, Riverside, CA. 2010

Principal Research Interests


I consider La Sierra University home. While in my Masters program, I taught as a college writing instructor and later an adjunct. I found my place on the Criminal Justice campus. As a teacher, my aim is to inspire my student’s desire to learn. I feel that is it my responsibility to present the subject matter in an intriguing and exciting way that engages learning. I strive to make my classroom a collaborative experience, where both instructor and students embark on a learning adventure of giving and receiving information. This year I will focus on bringing literature and criminal justice together in the classroom with detective fiction and outlaw literature.  



    • La Sierra University Department of English and Communication: College Writing Instructor of the Year, La Sierra University. 2012 
    • Marie Barber Marchus Scholarship, La Sierra University. 2010
    • Oh the Place You’ll Go Dr. Suess Scholarship. 2006