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Sigma Tau Delta—English Honors Society

Welcome to the Alpha Iota Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta!

Four Signs You Might Be Perfect for Sigma Tau Delta:

1.) You’ve been known to choose to read instead of sleep.

2.) You have an opinion on Oxford Commas.

3.) You’re the one in your friend group who helps everyone with their writing.

4.) You dream of writing the next big novel, poem, or script.

If any of these sound familiar to you, we would love to have you come talk to us about joining Sigma Tau Delta! We are an English Honors Society that meets regularly to nerd out about good books, share our own work, help out our communities, and even take trips to literary places and events. (Not to mention, membership looks great on a resume!) Membership is life-long, which means that you will always be a part of our Sigma Tau Delta family, and we even have opportunities for traveling to and presenting at international conferences. If you’re an English major or minor, or thinking about becoming one, please talk to us about joining—we’d love to have you!

Contact Marjorie Ellenwood (President) at mell917@lasierra.edu or Renee Hess (Advisor) at rhess@lasierra.edu.

You can find us on Facebook at both our official page and our Poe & Co group. We also run a Poe & Co blog.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to pay dues to be a member?

A: We do ask that participating members pay $10 a quarter ($30 a year) to help fund our activities. However, dues are not required for official membership.

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Contact our president (mell917@lasierra.edu) or advisor (rhess@lasierra.edu) and they can help direct you toward membership.

Q: Is there a fee for signing up?

A: Yes, there is a one-time fee of $40 for life-long membership!

Q: What is "Poe & Co"?

A: Poe & Co is the nickname for our branch of Sigma Tau Delta. We adopted this name for when we write and do podcasts.

Current Officers:

President: Marjorie Ellenwood

Vice President: Laura Melchor

Secretary: Jose Atil

Treasurer: Natalie Romero

Advisor: Rebecca Renee Hess


Alumni Profile

Ruthie Heavrin (BA 2013)

“Due to my experience as an English major at La Sierra, I can no longer go to the bathroom without something to read. Knocking out lit books on the toilet got me through college.”


Why La Sierra?

I chose the English literature and writing programs because I have a passion for humanity and real history. Textbooks provide dates of important events in Earth and human history, but literature tells readers the hows and the whys.


What I gained:

In my experience, I gained vast amounts of studying and writing tricks, and life long friends.


What I’m doing now:

Right now, I am creating oral stories in the language of baby talk. My two month old son is my number one fan; I'm on his best sellers list. I'm also working at starting a radio show centered around poetry and the power of words. I still write everyday even if it's just a paragraph or two or even a simple poem.


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