As a student in Engl-001, you have also registered for Engl-001L, Reading Improvement Lab. During your lab time you will complete lab work that will help prepare you for the end-of-term Writing Placement Exam.
Your primary lab activity will be several “practice exams.” These exams will be very similar to the Writing Placement Exam, and they MUST be written in the La Sierra University Writing Center.
SIGN IN AND OUT each time you visit the Writing Center, as evidence of your visit.
Practice exams should be completed according to the schedule stated in your syllabus.

After completing each exam, submit it to a Writing Coach, who will then send it to your instructor. Exams will be included in your Engl-001 grade.
Your instructor may also ask you to discuss your practice exams with a Writing Center Coach, or you may choose to discuss exams with coaches in order to better prepare yourself for the Writing Placement Exam. To schedule a conference with a Writing Coach, email the Writing Center or drop by in person; some ‘drop in’ appointments may be available.
Conferences are 25 minutes in length, beginning at the top of the hour or at half past. At each conference you will receive a form that you may share with your instructor indicating what you discussed with the Writing Coach.
Email for conference appointments:

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