The Writing Center serves the La Sierra University community by aiding students with their writing.

Where is the Writing Center?

Humanities Hall 101 (the old School of Business, next to the School of Education)

When is it open?

Monday1-5 PM, 8-10 PM
Tuesday1-5 PM, 8-10 PM
Wednesday9 AM-5 PM, 8-10 PM
Thursday1-5 PM, 8-10 PM

Which students will be assisted at the Writing Center?

All LSU students interested in improving their writing in general, or improving specific writing assignments.
The Center has a special interest in assisting students taking writing courses at La Sierra. Students in the Pre-Foundational English program are required to attend.

What can students get at the Writing Center?

The primary feature of the Center is one-on-one tutoring with a Writing Coach. In addition, twenty computers are available for working on writing assignments. A few writing guidebooks are available for reference.
In addition, all Pre-Foundational English (PFE) write Practice Exams, in preparation for the end-of-term Writing Placement Exam. The Practice Exams are evaluated by students’ instructors. At least one Practice Exam will be graded using the same 6-point scale used to grade the Writing Placement Exam. Instructors will discuss the Exam results directly with students, and the score of their first exam will be included in a mid-term grade report instructors will provide students.

Who are the Writing Coaches?

Upper division and graduate English majors with a passion for communicating about writing.

How can students take advantage of Writing Center tutoring?

Three primary methods:

  1. PFE students are required to attend scheduled conferences or other Writing Center activities; participation is included in the students’ grades.
  2. Any student can be referred to the Center by an LSU instructor or staff member.
  3. Any student can ‘self-refer.’

How can a student schedule a conference?

Two primary methods:

    1. Contact the Writing Center by email:
    2. Drop by the Writing Center and see if a Coach is available.

Who sponsors the Writing Center?

The Center for Student Academic Success, with logistical support, personnel and supervision from the Department of English and Communication. The Center also coordinates with the Learning Support and Testing Center.

Why was the Writing Center implemented?

As a retention strategy to:

  1. offer assistance to under-prepared students
  2. assure students of University interest in their development
  3. promote improved writing skills as integral to academic and personal achievement

Who do I contact with questions or suggestions?

Amy Shine, Writing Center Coordinator (Ext. 2491)