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Enrollment Services

Graduate Programs

Accounting, M.B.A
Customized MBA Concentration, M.B.A.
Finance, M.B.A.
General Management, M.B.A.
Human Resource Management, M.B.A.
Marketing, M.B.A.

English, M.A.

Administration and Leadership
   Administration and Leadership, M.A.
   Administration & Leadership, Ed.S (Specialist in Education)
   Education, Ed.D (Doctor of Education)

   Credentials Offered
   Administrative Services - SDA
   Preliminary Administrative Services - State
   Professional Administrative Services - State

Curriculum and Instruction
   Curriculum and Instruction, M.A.T.
   Curriculum and Instruction, M.A.
   Special Education (Mild/Moderate Disabilities), M.A.
   Curriculum and Instruction, Ed.S
   Education, Ed.D

   Credentials Offered
   Elementary Teaching - SDA
   Multiple Subjects Teaching – State
   Single Subject Teaching – State
   Single Subject Teaching – SDA

Educational Psychology and Counseling
   Counseling, M.A.
   Educational Psychology, Ed.S
   School Psychology, Ed.S
   Education, Ed.D

   Credentials Offered
   Pupil Personnel Services / School Psychology - State
   Guidance and Counseling - SDA

Religion, M.A.
Pastoral Studies, M.P.S. (Master of Pastoral Studies)
Pastoral Studies, M.Div. (Master of Divinity)

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