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  • B. A., English Language Arts and History, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany, 1993

Principal Research Interests

As an active professional in the film and television industry, I've collaborated on over 30 feature films and several television shows as a screenwriter, consultant and producer. At La Sierra my focus is on screenwriting and storytelling as well as engaging film majors in the development and production of projects.

Academic Interests/Research Area: 

  • Screenwriting


  1. International Emmy Award for Best TV Movie/Miniseries, 2013
  2. Black Reel Award for Best Independent Film, 2011
  3. Vilchek Foundation / Hawaii Int'l Fim Festival Outstanding Immigrant Filmmaker, 2011
  4. Cameleon Award, Brooklyn Film Festival Best Producer, 2011
  5. German Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay, 2008
  6. Golden Globe Nomination for Best Foreign Film, 2005
  7. German Film Award for Best Screenplay, 2004
  8. BAFTA for Best Foreign Film, 2004

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