Who Pays for What?

  1. Services Funded by Facilities/Physical Plant:  Facilities receives a budget allocation to operate and maintain the main building components. Examples:

    • Plumbing Issues
    • HVAC Problems
    • Roof Leaks
    • Doors & Windows Repair
    • Paint (Evaluated by management/budget availability)
    • Carpet (Evaluated by management/budget availability)
    • Streets & Sidewalks Repair
    • Light, Power, and Electrical Issues
    • Alarm Problems
    • Wall and Ceiling Repair

  2. Services Charged to Requesting Department:  Facilities does not receive a budget allocation for many services and must charge to requesting department for those services. The following types of services are a partial list of those paid for by the requesting department:

    • Installing and repairing furniture or work stations
    • Installing and maintaining department equipment
    • Appliances repair
    • Installing new carpet/paint if the existing ones are in good condition
    • Graduation expenses
    • Special Events
    • Specific Departmental Requests
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Office re-keying
    • Name plates/signs

Any vandalism and misuse of a building component will be the responsibility of the identified individual or Department.