Health & Exercise Science

Health Science Degree

The health science major prepares students for entry level careers in public health services, and it also seeks to provide the solid foundation required for admission to various graduate or professional programs of study; such as:

  • Public health
  • Health sciences
  • Nutrition
  • Social work
  • Physician assitant
  • Denistry
  • Medicine
  • Adminstration

We offer four concentrations within the B.S. in Health Science. For more information, click on the appropriate links below:

Students interested in applying to schools of medicine or schools with graduate health programs will need to consult with their advisor and/or their respective graduate program.

For more information regarding the B.S. in Health Science, contact Dr. William Andress;

Required courses: 30 units (15 upper divison):

  • HLSC 214 Dimensions of Health
  • HLSC 275 Critical Scholarship in Health Science
  • HLSC 429 measurement and Evaluation
  • HLSC 467 Principles of Epidemiology


  • HLSC 414 Mental Health and Sbustance Dependency
  • HLSC 416 Secuality and Family Health
  • HLSC 425 Topics in Health
  • HLSC 430 Applied Public Health Statistics
  • HLSC 476 Health and the Global Environment



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