Newly Renovated Fred Hoyt Library Opens

There have been a number of developments this year in the Department of History, Politics, and Sociology, but the most exciting of these is the renovation of the Fred Hoyt Library. The Fred Hoyt Library is one of the History Department’s greatest resources. This year, due to diligent fund-raising and generous donations of money and books, the department has begun to further develop this resource to the benefit of all departmental majors and minors. The Fred Hoyt Library has always been a reliable re-source to History, Sociology, and Global Studies Majors, as well as students interested in law. The library offers a large collection of Civil War and World War II books, in addition to numerous other areas of history. The library has a collection of legal resource books as well as bulletins from many of the nation’s law schools. However, the library’s biggest asset is that it provides a quiet place for students to study or have meetings. The department also uses the Fred Hoyt Library to host several social functions for our many majors and has traditionally provided delicious and healthy snacks every other week for the department’s students to enjoy. The renovations made to the Fred Hoyt Library will not only increase the comfort and aesthetic value of the library, but will also add many resources for students.

Plans for renovation began as HPS began raising money to rename the library in honor of Fred Hoyt. Dr. Hoyt has given more than 70 years of service to the department and to La Sierra University since he arrived on cam-pus as a student in 1937. During the 2009 Homecoming more than one hundred alumni and friends were able to visit the library and were regaled with stories from Dr. Hoyt’s life. Both to honor Dr. Hoyt and to continue the department’s mission of education, many alumni and faculty have donated money towards the renovations of the Fred Hoyt Library. To date, the department has received more than one-third of its overall goal. In addition to much needed monetary donations, the library continues to receive valuable donations of historical and legal books. Our collection has expanded so much that the library now features another wall full of books, although there is still some room for our collection to continue to grow.

This year, the renovation of the Fred Hoyt Library began in earnest. After removing all books, shelves, filing cabinets, pictures, desk, chairs, etc., the room was given a new coat of paint and was completely re-carpeted. In addition to the much needed bookshelves, the renovated library now features new conference chairs, a seating area, three brand new computers displayed on glass desks, a printing and scanning station, a refrigerator, a microwave and a Big Screen HD Television, which has access to the internet. The new chairs, seating area, and desks not only increase the comfort and aesthetics of the Library, but also give it a warm and professional feeling. The new computers (two PCs and one Mac) will all have access to the internet, and will provide students with an excellent resource for writing papers and conducting research. The new television will primarily be used for screening films for classes not scheduled in AV-ready rooms, but will also be used for the department’s social gatherings and club meetings. The library has already hosted the first HPS sponsored game night.

The grand opening of the Fred Hoyt Library took place over La Sierra University’s Alumni Weekend in April of 2010. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, around 70 alumni, friends, and donors alternated between relaxing in the library and visiting with Dr. Hoyt in the classroom across the hall. Many of those present made additional donations to-wards the future of the newly christened Fred Hoyt Library. Following Alumni Weekend, the students immediately began to enjoy the use of the library and its many comforts and resources. It has very quickly become a favorite study area for current students and will soon become a highlight for recruiting future students. Thanks to the many generous donations of money, books, advice, décor, and time, the Fred Hoyt Library is now fully functional and has been well-received by alumni, donors, and students. But most importantly, it will continue to honor Dr. Fred Hoyt for his many years of dedicated service to La Sierra University and the Department of History, Politics, and Sociology.


Article written by Daniel Evans (B.A. History, 2010)