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Honors Program

Course Descriptions

Note: Membership in the Honors Program is a prerequisite for all Honors courses.

Lower Division

UHNR 101 Beginning to Seek (1)

An introduction to the Honors Program and La Sierra University, including the history and ethos of the Program and University, the Honors curriculum, and available campus and community resources. Students begin to articulate their worldviews and start their Honors Portfolios. To be taken during the first year in which the student is a member of the Honors Program.

UHNR 114/114L The Scientific Process (4)

Models science as practiced by the profession, with an emphasis on the process of science. Asks the questions, "What is science?" and "How is science done?" while focusing on selected topics in science in their social and historical context. Recommended co-requisite: ENGL 112 or 124.

UHNR 115/115L The Arts(4)

An analysis of the structural elements of various visual and performing arts, and a study of the form, content and context as it relates to aesthetic response.  Selected primary texts or classics of Western and Eastern literature, art, music, or other forms of aesthetic expression are examined.  This course is intended for all students who fall under the 2009-2010 bulletin (or later bulletins).

UHNR 201 Seminar in Rhetoric (2)

Advanced study of prose and narrative forms and techniques, and oral communication of ideas to others. Includes intensive practice in writing and revising prose and oral presentations and the preparation and delivery of public speeches. Student portfolios are used in the practice of revision. Prerequisites: ENGL 113, or ENGL 124 with a "B" or better.

UHNR 224 Religious Understandings (4)

An exploration of religious traditions as sources of insight, personal meaning, social structure, and moral guidance. Such topics as sacred time and place, ritual, and religious understandings of community, human nature, creation, and revelation are examined in a global, historical, social, political, theological, and philosophical context. Attention will be given to the content, adequacy, and implications of Christian faith.

UHNR 231 Global Cultures in Context: Theories and perspectives (4)

An examination of global cultures and worldviews, focusing on both the content of cultures and the processes present within and between cultures. One or more cultures are selected to study in greater depth in preparation for UHNR 232 (International Experience). Prerequisite: Language through level 152 (may be taken concurrently).

UHNR 232 Global Cultures in Context: The Experience (4)

Exploring an international location, focusing on its cultures, communities, and global context. Includes a three-week international experience. Prerequisite: UHNR 231 (may be taken concurrently).

UHNR 299 Directed Study (1-4)

Lower-division independent study in an area to be specified, to be completed in consultation with an advisor.

Upper Division

UHNR 314/314L Changing Communities (5)

An examination of the way communities change over time, and the way that individuals and groups may transform communities. Includes social and historical context for community change, political and philosophical understandings of community, and connections with religion.

UHNR 324 Science and the Future (4)

Examination of one or more subjects in the sciences or mathematics, emphasizing the current "state-of-the-art" and future directions in the field. Includes social and historical context; moral, political, and legal implications of scientific developments; and connections with religion and philosophy. Prerequisite: One quarter of calculus or statistics; UHNR 114, 114L.

UHNR 354 Honors Community Involvement (3)

A project that engages the student in a community as he or she seeks to transform and build that community. Culminates in a written summary and analysis of the ways the community involvement has changed the student and the community. May be repeated for additional credit up to 3 units total; 3 units required to fulfill graduation requirement.  It is recommended that this course be taken immediately following UHNR 314.  (Prerequisite: UHNR 314/314L).

UHNR 364 Honors Scholarship Colloquium (1)

The preparation and presentation of a proposal for the Honors Scholarship Project (UHNR 464). Prerequisite: Sophomore standing.

UHNR 404 Religious, Moral, and Social Aspects of the Academic Discipline (4)

A senior-level seminar considering epistemological, moral, and social issues raised by the student's discipline. Students explore significant issues both theoretically and as specific problems of contemporary life, bringing their background from the Honors Program (particularly his or her community involvement and thesis) to bear on the interaction of their values with the discipline. Credit may not be given for UHNR 404 and UNST 404. Prerequisite: UHNR 264; completion or concurrent enrollment in UHNR 354.

UHNR 414 Religion and the Future (4)

An examination of contemporary issues facing the Christian community and the Seventh-day Adventist Church in their social and philosophical contexts. Attention will be given to the process of critical, constructive and contextualized philosophical, ethical, and theological thinking. Prerequisite: UHNR 224.

UHNR 424 Seeking, Knowing, and Serving (4)

A senior-level capstone seminar in which students explore themes throughout the Honors Program, evaluate the development of their personal philosophies and worldviews and the future of their worldviews, and understand how these worldviews relate to the perspectives of different groups across space and time. Special emphasis is paid to the religious and global implications of these worldviews. Revision of the student's portfolio is a central component of this process, and a reflective essay on the entire portfolio is produced. Prerequisites: Senior standing; completion or concurrent enrollment in UHNR 354.

UHNR 464 Honors Scholarship (1-12)

A research or creative project of significance that culminates in a written thesis, production, or exhibition, as well as an oral presentation in an off- or on-campus forum. A minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 units satisfy Honors Program requirements. May be repeated for additional credit. May be included in the credit for a major with the consent of the major department. Prerequisite: Senior standing; UHNR 264.

UHNR 499 Directed Study (1-4)

Upper division independent study in an area to be specified, to be completed in consultation with an advisor.

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