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Honors Program

Admissions Requirements


The Honors Program is willing to consider all highly motivated applicants. However, successful Honors students generally meet the following criteria:

  • Beginning undergraduate students with 3.7 or higher high-school GPA's and SAT scores of 1700 or above, or the equivalent ACT scores (composite of 25 or above). Due to limited space in the Program, not everyone who applies is accepted; those who are accepted tend to excel in at least one of these areas:
    • GPA
    • Test scores
    • Extracurricular activities
    • Letters of recommendation, or
    • Entrance essay.
  • Transfer students or students previously enrolled at the University may apply with a 3.5 or higher college GPA; entrance requirements are similar to the beginning undergraduate students, but high school GPA and test scores are not as important for those with at least 30 units of college credit. In addition, transfer students or students previously enrolled at the University are required to have two letters of recommendation from faculty members. A transfer student or student previously enrolled at the University may request entry into the program as late as the beginning of their Junior year (88 units or less).
  • Entrance Essay: A 500 to 700 word essay that demonstrates high motivation to be in the program through critical thinking, depth and clarity of thought, and originality. The Admissions Committee is looking for serious engagement with the prompt provided to you (see below). Make sure you read the writing tips listed on the application page.
    • The Prompt: Describe a challenging situation, conflict, or obstacle you have faced. What knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences, and influences did you rely on to resolve it? How does this experience impact how you might approach similar challenges in your life today?
  • To apply, complete the online application by the designated deadline. Note that this application is in addition to the one for entrance to for La Sierra University. Admission to La Sierra University is a prerequisite for admission to the Honors Program.



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