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Honors Program

Scholarship Information

Merit Based Scholarships

There are a wide range of scholarships, including GPA- and academic merit-based scholarships that are offered through La Sierra University.  Both transfer students and incoming freshmen should consult the Student Financial Services website for more information on aid and scholarships, including a breakdown of all La Sierra University scholarships and discounts.

Honors Program Scholarships

These scholarships are given automatically to all students in the Honors Program as follows:

Year in the Program
Scholarship Amount
First $350
Second $700
Third $1050
Fourth $1400

For all of these scholarships, the year in the program is based on units completed, rather than calendar years. To be eligible for the fourth-year level funding, the student must be completing an Honors Scholarship Project; students not completing an Honors Scholarship Project may still receive the third-year level funding in their fourth year.

Honors students from Honors Transfer Council of California member schools, or from other Seventh-day Adventist colleges and universities, will be considered as being in the Program from the start of the Program at those schools for this schedule, rather than the beginning of the Program at La Sierra University (as most transfer students are considered).

Competitive Scholarships

Students may apply in March for the next academic year's scholarships and awards based on academic excellence, citizenship, campus involvement, and financial need. Many Honors students receive these scholarships and awards, and a representative of the Honors Program sits on the selection committee. Contact Student Financial Services for more information about these scholarships.




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