Our Honors Community

The Honors Program community is made up of a nurturing group of faculty, staff, administrators, and students.  Our office is located in South Hall (room 100) where you can come with any questions, comments, concerns, or conversation.  

Honors Faculty, Staff, and Administrators come from a broad range of backgrounds and disciplines.  They are dedicated to challenging students and to seeing them succeed in life as well as in academic pursuits.  

In addition to academic interaction with our dedicated Honors Faculty and Staff, we also have a student council that arranges social gatherings and outings, giving students a chance to interact with each other and their professors on a more relaxed, social level.  Past events have included monthly "dessert hours," camp-outs, beach vespers, and an annual senior appreciation dinner.  

The upper floor of South Hall houses our Honors students-only dormitory, which provides a peaceful, studious environment for strongly focused students.  Because of South Hall's small numbers and students with similar interests and qualities, the residents here become great friends.  There is a common lounge area upstairs, as well as a kitchen, laundry room, and study lounge downstairs.  As space is available (and based on seniority), students are afforded single rooms at the same cost as double rooms in the other residence halls on campus.  The residents' assistants (RAs) are on call 24 hours a day.  All are overseen by Dean Nancy Guerpo.